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Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe

How to Make Wax Melts & Wickless Candles

These wickless candle melts are the perfect way to fill your home with your favorite scents. They are SUPER EASY to make and are a fantastic gift!


  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Yield: 8.5 oz or 4 x Tart Clamshells


  • Prep Time / Clean Up: 15 Minutes
  • Perform Time: 1 Hour
  • Total Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes


  • Double Boiler (for melting wax)
  • Pipette (for fragrance oil)
  • Spoon or Stirring Stick
  • Glass Measuring Cups (to fit total amount of ingredients)
  • Scale
  • Glass Container(s) of Your Choice (to fit a total of 8.5 oz.) or 4x Tart Clamshells
  • Digital Thermometer or Infrared Thermometer

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe Supplies


  • 6 oz Beeswax
  • 2 oz Coconut Oil
  • Fragrance Oil of Your Choice (One Ounce to One Pound is a common rule of thumb, so 0.5 oz. is used for this recipe or 6%)

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe Ingredients


Step 1

Heat beeswax to 185°F/85°C. (Do NOT exceed 200°F/93°C as this may discolor and/or burn your wax.) One important thing to note about working with beeswax is that it can become flammable if overheated. That is why a double boiler and not direct stove top or microwave melting is important.

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe Step 1

Step 2

Add coconut oil and stir until just melted.

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe Step 2

Step 3

Add your selected Fragrance Oil and stir to re-melt any wax that has solidified because of the addition of room temperature fragrance. Remove from heat. (Add fragrances with higher flash points at 185°F/85°C & fragrances with lower flash points at 160°F/71°C.)

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe Step 3

Step 4

Once the fragrance is mixed thoroughly pour into glass container(s) or tart clamshells.

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe Step 4

Step 5

If you desire a smooth top, re-melt the top using a heat gun. Be very careful near the plastic edges. The plastic will melt if you get the heat gun too close, or if you hold the heat gun in one place too long.

Make more if you would like! This recipe makes a total of 8.5 oz. (The photo below is a double batch.)

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe Step 5

Allow to solidify at room temperature and cure for 24-48 hours and enjoy!

Wax Melts & Wickless Candles Recipe


Place glass container on an electric warming plate or a few tarts in a tart warmer. Enjoy the beautiful scent! Simply seal the container when not in use to seal in the fragrance. Reheat when you wish.

Helpful Tips

To figure out the amount of wax base needed, fill your glass container with water to the desired level and then weight the water. This recipe is 25% coconut oil and 75% beeswax. If you need 5 oz. total, just multiply by 25% and 75% to get 1.25 oz. coconut oil and 3.75 oz. beeswax. To figure out the amount of fragrance, simply multiply 6% by 5 oz. to get 0.3 oz.



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