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Customer Testimonials

We love our customers and hope you can take a moment to see what our current customers have to say about Elements. It gives us the greatest pleasure to hear positive feedback, so we hope you enjoy these testimonials as much as we do. For those leaving a testimonial, we know your time is precious and greatly appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts. We look forward to making you another satisfied customer!
Customer Testimonials
It's always a pleasure to order from Elements. Good selection, great prices, excellent quality, responsive customer service, and of course the blazing fast turnaround time! (Seriously, how do you get such good essential oils at these prices?) When I order from several suppliers, I know that the box from Elements will always get here first. Everything is securely wrapped so it doesn't break or leak. And the one time they sent me the wrong colorant, they didn't even demand proof or that I send the wrong colorant back. They just sent the right one and I got it within two days of sending the email. No muss, no fuss. Now that's service! I recommend Elements to anyone who makes bath & body products.

Oh, and if you're wondering whether the waterproof inkjet labels really hold up in the shower? THEY DO! It's amazing!


Hello, I hardly ever write comments but I had to say how very happy I am with my order. I'm a new DIY hoping to turn into a mini business and I've searched!!! for supplies that are quality with quick delivery and reputable. I ordered from elements on 10/29 and got my order in 2 days. I am shocked! orders from other companies that have tons of reviews on you tube that were recommended which I ordered from took me from 2 weeks to a month to get products.The current state of the world means most products have to be ordered and it's so gratifying to know a company that delivers quickly. Looking forward to using your products. thank you


I LOVE Elements Bath and Body!! I found your website while frantically searching for bottles for a wholesale order, during the pandemic...every other site was out, you came thru in a clutch and I am so grateful! Elements Bath and Body are amazing and so fast! I am now a customer for LIFE!! You guys are doing an amazing job, thank you


You guys are great. I have placed several orders with you in the past few weeks and I am so impressed with the accuracy and speed. The only way you could get my order to me faster is if we were in the same town. I am happy with your products and your service. Kudos all around from a very pleased customer. keep it up.

Susan P

I just recently placed an order. I have to say, I am HIGHLY impressed by the swiftness of your processing, particularly in the midst of Covid-19 which has pushed everything back, including shipping times. I was so pleasantly surprised the other day when my order from you arrived, I actually laughed out loud (and I was alone at the time). So, THANK YOU for continuing to be the wonderful supplier that you've always been, that I know and remember. Keep up the fantastic customer service.


OMG I order on the 24th n got my package this morning on the 26th.A+++++ I will be returning for more supplies Thank you so much


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for being so reliable even during the hard times of the pandemic and the quarantine. So many other companies are struggling with shipping delays and your turn around time is amazing. I am always pleased with my products. I am currently building up my fragrance oil collection as I am starting a brand new bath and body business and I appreciate your support and tutorials so much. I love that I can order from you and receive my order within the same week. Usually within just a couple of days! I just wanted to let you know that your hard work is appreciated. Thank you!

Diana Wright
(Desert Snow Creations)

I have ordered off and on from your company for years. but during this time of craziness (COVID) I really needed supplies to keep my business going. Not only have you had the items I needed, but they shipped promptly and the prices were not increased as I have seen with other places.
I just wanted to say "thank you" and you are much appreciated and now you will have even more of my business.


I am so happy to be working with you all.
Your turn around time is beyond fantastic!
I applaud you!
I received my order today, I am so thankful for you all!
You do such a good job with orders, I am amazed!
Congratulations! You have outdone yourselves!
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Be safe,


You guys have never failed to exceed any expectations! Thank you for being an amazing company and thank YOU so much for your outstanding communication.