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Natural Lip Balm or Body Butter Base
Natural Lip Balm or Body Butter Base

A bulk lip balm base as good as hand made?
Yes, you can tweak it to "make it yours", but why bother? This base is awesome as-is! Never grainy and using only high quality, All Natural, Paraben Free, food grade ingredients, this uncolored, unscented base is super easy to use and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth! Conveniently packaged in wide mouth plastic jars.
1 lb of base fills approx 100 lip balm tubes. That makes your cost per standard lip tube only about $.13 each! Oil-soluble applications:

Lip balms, lipsticks, body butters, lotion bars, solid perfume, & salves.
Shelf life: 1 year+. Store in cool, dry place.
Create your own

Lip Gloss by adding equal ratios of lip balm base & carrier oil.


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