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Reed Diffuser Base
Reed Diffuser Base

Our Reed Diffuser Base is an alcohol-free liquid base that mixes easily with fragrance. We've chosen this reed base because it contains no DPG and it's superior to any other base tested. Customers have noted that it is long-lasting, has outstanding scent throw, easily travels up the reed and $$$ is saved because less fragrance is used with our base vs. others.
1) Add 10-20% Fragrance Oil to the base (glass bottles only)
2) Add Reed Sticks
3) Enjoy the aroma as it slowly envelops the room.
4) Scent will last for months, so flip reed sticks every few days for maximum scent dispersion.
Enjoy outstanding fragrances without the hazards of lit candle
Thins fragrance oils, making the scent flow easily up reed sticks
Alcohol Free
Ethanol Free
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
VOC Compliant
Dipropylene Glycol Free
Leaping Bunny Certified
Simply multiply the amount of base you want to use by the percentage of fragrance. For instance, if you have 10 oz of reed base and want to start with 10% fragrance, calculate 10 oz base X .10 = 1 oz fragrance.
Increase or decrease these numbers accordingly, depending on how strong you want the base. Testing always recommended to ensure that the fragrance you use is compatible and works well with the base.

We tested 6 reed bases from 6 different manufacturers and 2 well-respected veteran soap & toiletry formulators stated...
"This one performed the best. It made a larger, more open room lightly fragrant. The liquid, after 5 days, was nearly to the top of the reed."
"This one wins with me. Seemed to keep scent truest, longest with good scent throw. Dissolved FO best."
Characteristics: No DPG. Clear Liquid, Oil-Soluble, Alcohol-free
Sold by volume, not weight
Reed sticks, bottles and Fragrance Oils sold separately.
Flash point 182 F

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