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Aroma Beads
Aroma Beads

Aroma beads are clear (uncolored) porous beads that can absorb as much as 30% of their weight in your favorite fragrance oil.
INSTRUCTIONS: Mix 4 parts Aroma Beads with up to 1 part fragrance oil. For example, 4 TBS Aroma Beads with up to 1 TBS of fragrance. If calculating by weight, start with 1-2 oz fragrance oil to 1 lb Aroma Beads. (If using essential oil, start with a lower percentage of approximately 6 parts Aroma Beads to 1 part Essential Oil & increase as desired).
To color, blend fragrance oil with a drop or 2 of candle dye BEFORE adding beads.
Stir Aroma Beads & fragrance in glass bowl or jar. If you have a jar available with a lid, place lid on jar & shake.
Beads should absorb all oil within 1-5 days. Mixture will appear over-saturated at first, but continue to stir periodically. After 5 days, if beads don't absorb all of the oil, simply add more beads & stir. Beads will be dry to the touch when all oil is absorbed.
Aroma Beads are easy to make & a terrific way to boost sales! Absolutely gorgeous in our Organza Bags!
Do not place scented Aroma Beads on wood, plastic, or painted surfaces as the fragrance can cause damage to these surfaces. Aroma Beads cannot be used in a potpourri burner because they will melt and they should be kept away from flames. Warning labels on your finished products are recommended to ensure customers use them properly. Testing is always recommended to ensure desired results are achieved. Due to the fact that aroma beads are not heated like candles, they will naturally not have as strong as a scent throw. But, exposure to heat from natural sunlight and vents are the best way to draw out fragrance.
1 lb Aroma Beads = approx 4 Cups

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