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Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mold: 1.63"

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Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mold: 1.63"
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Looking for a way to make perfectly make round bath bombs quickly easily? Our stainless steel bath bombs are for you and available in several sizes. They are made from polished stainless steel, are sturdy yet slightly flexible, can take vigorous tapping and make it easy to release your creations from the molds. These molds work perfectly with either your own recipe our bath bomb base https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/bath-bomb-and-fizzie-base.html ). There is no other way to make bath bombs more quickly or more perfectly. 


To use these molds, heap your bath bomb mixture into both halves of the mold without packing it. You want the mixture to be mounded up in each half. Cram the two halves together without twisting, squeezing tight. While holding one half of the mold in your palm, give the other half of the mold a little squeeze with your fingers to release it. Pull that half away.  Squeeze the other half of the mold and release it into your other hand. Place the completed bath bomb onto egg crate foam or a muffin pan lined loosely with plastic wrap to dry. Do not move the completed bath bombs for at least 30 minutes. 

Here are some tips for successful bath bomb making:

  • Make a couple of “practice bombs” to get used to molding them. Mold a bomb and crumble it back in the bowl a couple of times until you get used to it.
  • Make sure your recipe has sufficient butter or coconut oil to facilitate easy unmolding. You will also want to include some hardeners in your recipe such as cornstarch, kaolin clay, and/or cream of tartar.
  • The consistency of the bath bomb mixture should resemble wet sand. If it seems too dry or crumbly, add a dash of 91% rubbing alcohol.
  • If you notice your bath bombs are deforming and flattening out on the bottom, your mixture is too wet. Add a little baking soda or more Bath Bomb Base https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/bath-bomb-and-fizzie-base.html
  • Some essential oil blends or fragrance oils may make your mixture a little sticky, preventing your bath bombs from unmolding cleanly and easily. Add a tiny dash a light carrier oil such as sunflower or avocado to your mixture and swipe the inside of the molds with your finger between each bomb.
  • Be mindful of the weather. Making bath bombs is much easier on dry days. You may choose not to make bath bombs on rainy days or during the summer if you live in a climate with humid summers. Try using a dehumidifier to mitigate the effects of humidity.

To clean, Wash molds in warm soapy water.
Dimensions: 1.63" wide.
Set includes 2 pieces for a complete sphere. Each mold is exactly half sphere and they do not lock together.
Material: Stainless steel
Mold capacity:

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