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Frangipani (Plumeria) Fragrance Oil 18117

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Additional Information
Frangipani is one of the most requested floral fragrance oils because it is fresh, clean & beautiful. The light, delicate scent of the Frangipani (Plumeria) flower, also known as the Lei flower, is native to warm tropical areas of the Pacific Islands, Caribbean and South America.

Bath & Body Safe: Yes
Paraffin Wax: Yes
Soy Wax: Yes. 7% in candles yielded normal cold & hot throw after 48 hour cure. 10% in tarts yielded normal cold & hot throw after 24 hours.
Melt & Pour Soap: Yes
CP Soap: Yes, "Amazing & no acceleration or discoloration whatsoever! Hands-down the best light floral I've ever worked with! Swirls came out fantastic."
Potpourri, Sachets, Air Fresheners, etc: Yes

Flashpoint: 200°
Vanilla Content: 0.00%
Country Of Origin: United States

Fragrance & Essential Oil Calculator: Click To Calculate Use Levels

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels:
Soap 1.80% Body Lotion 1.10% Candle 100.00%

Elements Bath & Body, Inc. certifies that this fragrance product is in compliance with the standards of the International Fragrance Association, provided the fragrance is used in the above application (s) at the noted maximum concentration level(s).

The "Maximum Use Level for Skin Exposure" is the amount of fragrance, flavor and essential oil that can come in contact with the skin. It does not mean that your base product can perform at these levels. You must test each oil in each application for evaluation of desired performance. Baby products have lower use levels than those listed above. If a desired application is not listed above, please call us at 1-800-359-0944 for maximum skin levels for skin exposure.

Helpful Product Information:
Alcohol Free: Yes Cruelty Free: Yes
Gluten Free: Yes Non-GMO: Yes
Soy Free: Yes Vegan Friendly: Yes

Directions & Ingredients
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):

Common Name Ingredient Listing (FDA Approved):

BATH & BODY PRODUCTS: 1-3% is considered the general "skin safe" ratio for lotions, creams, bath salts, fizzies, scrubs, body butter, salves, shampoo, conditioner, body spray, shower gel, etc.

COLD PROCESS (CP) SOAP: 0.7 - 1 oz per lb. Delicate florals should be batched at cool temps.

If a fragrance doesn't note it's compatible in HP, is it? Typically, if it's CP compatible, then yes, it's HP compatible. Usually, the exception is fragile florals (jasmine, gardenias, etc) and essential oils. Add fragrance oils last, after the cook phase or at trace and right before pouring into mold...this way there is less evaporation from the prolonged heat. However, you must stir this rather thick mixture very thoroughly.(For both Hot process in the oven, in a pot, or in a crockpot).

FIXING A SEIZE! Hot-Process is a great way to fix a CP seize in the pot.
Hot processing on the stove or in a double boiler setup to save a seized batch. You will typically need to add an extra ounce of water per lb of soap to make it easier to stir and to smooth into your mold, but this is an excellent way to fix a batch that has seized. You don't want to "cook" the bottom of your pot, so keep heat very low or use a double boiler to ensure your soap doesn't burn. Add your extra water and heat; it will go into the gel phase fairly quickly and only needs to "cook" a little longer to make pouring into the mold easier. It will not be liquid like CP soap, but it should be made fluid enough to smooth into a mold without lumps and air bubbles. Patience here is the key, as you will need to cure as long as with CP simply to allow the extra water to evaporate fully. You may choose to use less water to get a harder bar faster, BUT this will result in a thicker "glob" of soap that will be difficult to smooth into your mold, so the final texture of your soap may suffer.

MELT & POUR (MP) SOAP: 1 TBS per lb, up to .5 oz per lb or 1-3%

PARAFFIN WAX: 1 oz per lb. (Average usage of fragrance oil is approx. 6 - 7% per lb.)

SOY WAX: 1 oz per lb. unless otherwise noted

Note: The above are general guidelines. Individual testing and formulating is necessary
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Laura DeDene • USA

Date Submitted:  03/09/2018

I Recommend This Product!
"Trusted Review..."
COMMENTS:  Plumerias always been one of my favorite scents since I smelled it at Bath and Body Works... this makes a great substitute! I can make my own body products at home now. thanks!
Beth Hochman • USA

Date Submitted:  10/28/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Trusted Review..."
COMMENTS:  This scent reminds me of a really high in wax block I bought on etsy from Australia. My cand smelled identical. Thanks Tammy.
Melisa Ladas • USA

Date Submitted:  11/26/2012

I Recommend This Product!
"Trusted Review..."
COMMENTS:  This is a very nice plumeria. It doesn't just smell like plumeria though, there is a faint blend of something else. CP soap came out a beautiful color with this and it smells so clean and feminine.
Carrie • USA

Date Submitted:  08/14/2011

I Recommend This Product!
"Trusted Review..."
COMMENTS:  This is the exact fragrance of Hawaii as you step off the plane and are greeted with a lai!
Soap_Circles • USA

Date Submitted:  03/01/2011

I Recommend This Product!
"Trusted Review..."
COMMENTS:  I love this fragrance oil. It doesn't smell exactly like plumeria, but then again what does? Out of the bottle it smells like a beautiful lei of plumeria with some jasmine--really sophisticated and beautiful. I'm not usually a floral kind of person, but I love this one. After a few weeks of cure in my CP soap, the smell has become a little more warm and smoky. Behaves really well in CP soap, especially for a floral--no ricing, discoloration, or acceleration. The swirls in my soap turned out great.
Bonnie • USA

Date Submitted:  01/01/2010

I Recommend This Product!
"Trusted Review..."
COMMENTS:  This is a perfect copy of the real thing! Smells just like the plumeria trees and leis in Hawaii. Used it in lotion and MP soap and it's been a customer favorite. Everyone's eyes light up when they smell it...reminds them of their last Hawaiian vacation.
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