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Polysorbate 20

Polysorbate 20
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Oil and water don't mix? Typically, when you mix fragrance or essential oils to a water-based formula, there is separation and the oils just float to the top But, Polysorbate 20 is a gentle, non-irritating water-soluble nonionic surfactant commonly used to emulsify or bind oils and water at a 1:1 ratio. It is a dispersing agent that allows fragrance and essential oils to bind with water-based products. Often used in body sprays to prevent the fragrance or essential oil from separating but can also be used in bath oils, body washes, scrubs, creams, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, room sprays, etc.
Recommended usage: 1:1 ratio. For example, mix equal amount of Polysorbate 20 with fragrance or essential oil until a clear solution is achieved, then add this blend to your water, alcohol or other base. End product may be cloudy but this will vary based on formula.
Solubility: Soluble in Water and/or Oil.
Appearance: Clear to light yellow viscous liquid with mild odor
Shelf life: 24 months when properly stored in tightly closed cool, dry environment & protected from direct sunlight
INCI: Polysorbate 20
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free ~ No Animal Testing
pH: 5.0 - 7.0
Flash point: 302F

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