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Recipes & Tutorials

Looking through our products, it's easy to get excited about making your own lotions, soaps, and bath teas. We should know; it happens to us all the time! But if you've never made lip balm before, you might not really know where to start. It's one thing to gather the ingredients, but quite another altogether to actually combine them. Some things, like lotion, contain bases and preservatives that you may not have handled before. It's important to use them in the right amounts, so that you end up with a lovely body product and not a useless mess!

On this page, we've gathered a few basic recipes to help get you started. They provide a rough guideline for things like lip balm, lotion, tub tea, and potpourri. Once you know the required proportions, you can let your creative side run wild with fragrance oils, colorants, and herbs. Try a few of our recipes, and then make them your own. We also have a selection of helpful how-to books for sale; they contain very detailed instructions and educational, inspirational recipes. Once you know the basics, you'll be well on your way to perfecting your craft!