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Why Use No Stir Palm Oil?

No Stir Palm Oil is a new ingredient in the soapmaking industry. It's an easier to use alternative to palm oil and has the same SAP value as palm oil in your formualtions. Learn more about this great ingredient. 

A lot of soapmakers use palm oil in their formulations. Palm oil is love among soapers because it’s a great alternative for people who don’t want to use animal fat like lard or tallow. It also adds great properties to soap bars like stabilizing lather and making your bar harder, helping it last longer.
While it adds great properties, it can be a little bit of a pain to work with. During the packaging process, most palm butter settles in it’s container, causing the steric acid to fall to the bottom of the bucket. This means that you have to remelt and remix the whole bucket before using it to make soap.
Some soapmakers don’t mind the extra step, but if you are trying to maximize your time soapmaking, this extra step can sometimes mean the difference between getting one batch done and getting two or three batches done.
Thankfully, there is now a great solution for this problem: Palm Oil - No Stir.   
No Stir Palm Oli is made from 100% palm oil but you don’t have to stir it. No Stir Palm Oil has some of the unsaturated fats removed making it more stable and giving it a thick and luxurious texture.
The more stable formula means that palm shortening is actually scoopable making it super easy to measure. An added bonus, you don’t have to stir it at all even after melting it. After melting, the no stir palm oil returns back to the thick texture and doesn’t’ separate. No Stir Palm Oli also has the same SAP value as palm oil so it can be used exactly the same as palm oil in your formulations.
If you are looking for an easier way to use palm oil in your soaps, lotions, whipped butters, and more, look no further than No Stir Palm Oli.
*The Crafter’s Choice No Stir Palm Oil is sustainably sourced with membership in RSPO.

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