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What Is Jojoba Milk?

While Jojoba in and of itself is not new to the soaping industry, Jojoba Milk is a slightly more exotic ingredient that few crafters know about. It’s actually an emulsion of Jojoba Oil and skin loving additives that create a smooth and creamy, milk-like fluid.

Jojoba Milk is a lightweight liquid that is naturally derived from the Jojoba plant. A quick absorbing liquid, Jojoba Milk is a great additive for lotions and creams applied to the skin. In addition to making skin feel soft and smooth, Jojoba Milk can also make hair feel silky and soft making it an ideal ingredient to add to conditioners and hair oils. Known for its smoothing and conditioning properties, Jojoba Milk is thought to leave the skin feeling supple and hydrated when used in cosmetics like face serums and body oils.  

Jojoba Milk is an easy ingredient to add to your products. It’s recommended usage level is between 2 – 10% but it is completely safe to use at 100% making it a versatile ingredient for your formulations. Keep in mind that Jojoba Milk is insoluble in oil, so take that into considerations when you are formulating.

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