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Trends To Inspire Your Spring Product Collection

With the return of spring, many artisans and crafters are inspired by an array of new trends associated with the season. Major retailers begin marketing their botanical prints, garden-fresh floral fragrances, Easter basket goodies and products with a bright rejuvenating color palette. Spring bouquets and Easter baskets are the perfect muse for your handmade product line this season.

Spring Floral.
Floral fragrances are a great source of inspiration for your spring product. Flowers are especially popular in the spring because they are symbolic of renewed life. One of the most popular flowers during the season is the Easter Lily. Easter Lilies are a holiday favorite because they are known for their purity and holiness. When looking for inspiration for your spring product line, consider Hyacinth blossoms. They have a sweet scent and bloom in a broad variety of hues. A favorite spring perennial, the daffodil, would also be a good choice when formulating spring collections. Flower shaped soaps would be a great addition to any spring or Easter product line. Get creative with other florals as well, such as lilacs, daisies and tulips. Handmade artisans can’t go wrong with spring bouquet inspired products.  Use the multitude of vibrant colors, shapes and scents to bring new life to your product line.

Easter Basket Favorites.
Gifts associated with traditional Easter baskets can also be a source of inspiration for your spring product. Easter is the second best-selling candy holiday, after Halloween. Chocolate has become especially synonymous with the Easter season. The creamy confection takes on a multitude of forms, but the most popular are the chocolate bunny and the chocolate Easter egg. According to the National Confectioner’s Association, ninety million chocolate bunnies are produced each year. Artisans can put their own twist on these Easter favorites to sweeten up their product lines. Incorporate bunny and egg shaped soaps into collections. Try using milk and dark chocolate fragrance oils for handmade soaps and cosmetics. Some additional sugar candies to inspire you include Jelly Beans and Marshmallow Peeps®. Jelly Beans became an Easter basket favorite because of their resemblance to Easter eggs. Now over 16 billion of the bite-sized confections are made in the United States each season. Choosing fruity flavored scents to formulate with can be great way for crafters to pay tribute to the Jelly Bean. Although Jelly Beans are a sweet spring treat, Marshmallow Peeps® have become the top-selling non-chocolate Easter candy. Find inspiration from Peeps® and incorporate sweet marshmallow scents and fluffy whipped sugar scrubs. Recreate these Easter basket favorites with a new twist to sweeten up your Easter and spring product lines. 

Renewed Hues.
A vivid palette of bright botanical hues and muted pastels are the perfect complement to the seasonal change. An assortment of pinks and purples can always be found, so take inspiration from these spring favorites. In Spring 2015, Pantone released its trending seasonal color palette, which leans towards cooler tones that are inspired by nature. Cool blues and greens are paired with soft yellows and oranges. Earthy neutral tones can also be found to coordinate with the season’s natural vibe. Many of these colors are inspired by nature so crafters can get innovative with their color palette for spring collections. Find inspiration from the Pantone Trend Guide and put a twist on the traditional spring colors of pastel pinks, purples, yellows, and blues in your product line. Finding inspiration in this season’s new subtle color palette can make any crafters spring collection stand out. 

Spring is a great time of year to revive your basic product line and introduce a lively seasonal collection. Find inspiration from botanical colors and floral fragrances. Bright candy colors and sweet scents appeal to your customers with a sweet tooth. Traditional pastels paired with this season’s subtle earth tones will help your product line look trendy and current. 


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