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The Buzz on Beeswax

Typically, beeswax is used to naturally harden formulations or to serve as a base. Crafter’s Choice offers 3 different types of beeswax: Beeswax - Ultra Refined & Bleached, Beeswax - Yellow Pastilles, and Beeswax – Ivory. Each of these three waxes can be used in the same way, to harden or be a base. Choosing between the three really comes down to preference, but there are a few differences between each. Here is what makes each type unique:

Beeswax - Ultra Refined & Bleached is the whitest beeswax offered. It has been naturally bleached by the air and sun and refined to remove any impurities and smells. This type of wax is the most expensive because its colorless, odorless form is easy to work with in any cosmetic formulation. This type of beeswax is most commonly used in lotion bars, lip balms and wax tarts.

Beeswax – Ivory is an off-white or ivory colored pastille that is slightly larger than the other two beeswax pastilles. This type of beeswax has beens naturally refined, but it may still have a faint, natural waxy aroma. The ivory color and natural odor may remain in products, unless colored and fragranced. Ivory beeswax is very popular because it is less expensive than the Ultra Refined & Bleached and can easily be worked into formulations such as lip balms, wax tarts, lotion bars, furniture polish and more.

Beeswax - Yellow Pastilles are naturally yellow in color because they have not been bleached, but have been filtered. This type of beeswax may have a naturally smoky odor due to a smoking process that is used to clean on the hives. Because of the color and potential odor, this form is the least expensive and is used in products that can be heavily fragranced and/or colored such as cold process soap, furniture polish, and wax tarts.

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