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Rainbow Layered Salt Bears

Remember filling crazy shaped bottles of rainbow sand at your favorite vacation destinations? We decided to take a spin on this kid-friendly project and use bath salts, because rainbow is back…and it’s not just for unicorns! Not only do these colorful bottles look cute, but they smell great and can be used during bath time. This project is fun, easy and favored by kids of all ages. Make time to take a half hour out of a rainy day and let the kids get creative.

First, gather supplies. You will need bottles, kid-safe colors, bath salts and fragrance oil.

We used the adorable 8 oz. Clear PET Honey Bear Bottle and Crafter's Choice™ Rainbow Mica Powder Sample Set because kids love rainbows. Any type of bath salts will work, but we used European Spa Salts because they are easy to color and safe for kids. Finally, Crafter's Choice Burping Bubbles Fragrance Oil 999 was our fizzy fragrance of choice.

Next, lightly fragrance the bath salts. Add salts to a large bowl and mix in fragrance at a skin-safe level.

Once the salts are fragranced, separate into different bowls and add a different mica powder to each. Mix in color completely with whisk.

Now, the fun part! Using a funnel, carefully pour different colored salts into each bear and create layers of different sizes and colors. There is no right or wrong here, each child’s creation will be as unique and beautiful as they are!

To use, fill warm bath with desired amount of salts and enjoy.

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