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Learn to Make: Bath Tea

Bath teas are botanical based mixtures that you toss into the bathtub. The herbs hit the warm water to release natural oils, aromas and extracts. 


Common Bath Tea Ingredients

Pre-mixed Bath Teas

Bath Tea Additives

To jazz up your bath teas, many different ingredients can be added. Some common choices are:

Baking Soda - Natural alkaline that neutralizes acids and washes away oils/dirt while leaving skin soft, silky & smooth. Dissolves in water.

Milk Powders - Milk powders add moisturizing properties to your baths. Milk powders available include soy milk, coconut milk, goat’s milk and buttermilk. You can mix or match to make a decadent bath tea. 

Colloidal Oatmeal - Oatmeal binds to the skin and creates a barrier that is thought to protect the skin. The hydrated granules of oatmeal adhere to the surface of the skin and provide a protective film attracting humidity and reducing friction. It has been used in Egypt since 2,000 BC for its beautifying effects. It is used for natural moisturizing properties and to alleviate itching. All Natural.

Salts - Bath salts are a great addition to bath teas. You can use any type of bath salts that you want but finer grain salts seem to work best. 

*You can even combine finished bath salts that you’ve made with bath teas.

*Bath teas have their own aroma that comes from herbs and botanicals. It is best not to add wet or oily ingredients, as this can cause the botanicals to mold. If you’ve fragranced salts, let them dry before adding to your bath tea. 

How to Use Bath Teas

Bath teas are best contained in something to keep the botanicals from floating around the tub and getting into you hair and on your body. Some options include:

Bath Tea Bags - These heat-sealable bags come with one side open for easy filling. Once filled, you simply seal the open side with an iron. To use, you just drop into the tub and let the bath tea do its work.

Muslin Bags - Muslin bags work great for tea because they are refillable. You can sell a larger bag or jar of tea and provide a muslin bag for the customer to refill when they take a bath. 

Mesh Bath Tea Ball - The Mesh Bath Tea Ball is perfect because it allows you to completely submerge your bath tea for long periods of time. It securely holds the herbs thus preventing them from floating in your bath water.

Bath Tea Packaging

As mentioned above, you can package in heat-sealable bath tea bags or muslin bags. You can also package in:

Salt Tubes - Salt tubes allow you to show off your beautiful bath teas and the intricate colors and textures of the botanicals, salts and other ingredients. 

Jars - Jars are great for packaging bath teas. Stick to plastic jars, as you don’t want glass breaking in the bathroom. Jars range in sizes and colors.

Zip Pouches - These are a great way to package and showcase bath teas. They come in varying sizes. 

Plastic Soap Clamshells - These containers are an adorable solution for packaging bath teas. Slap a label on it and your teas are ready for sale.

Bath Tea Recipe Ideas

Remember that you can use a premixed bath tea blend or you can mix your own! Here are some ideas when mixing your own. 

Basic Bath Tea
1 cup Calendula Petals
1 cup Chamomile Flowers
1 cup Rose Petals
1 cup Lavender Buds

Milk Bath Tea
1 cup Chamomile Flowers
1 cup Rose Petals
1 cup Epson Salt
1 cup Coconut Milk Powder

Oatmeal Bath Tea
2 cups Bath Tea Blend: Balancing 
1 cup Epson Salt
1 cup Colloidal Oatmeal

Feel free to be creative and mix and match ingredients. 

Bath Tea Basic Process

Making bath tea is super simple! 

Step 1: Measure the ingredients into a large mixing bowl. 
Step 2: Mix.  
Step 3: Package into jars, bags or tubes. Enjoy!

For more ideas, check out these recipes from the recipe library:

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