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How to Use a Vegetable Peeler to Create Soap Roses

Looking for inspiration for your next soap bar? Look no further than your kitchen drawers! Many kitchen gadgets can be used to create unique and ornate designs in soap. One of our favorites is the vegetable peeler. When a vegetable peel is used on melt and pour soap the thin soap slice naturally curls. These curls can then be used to decorate your soaps! Read more to learn how we used a vegetable peeler to create the cute rose design seen in the pictured soap.

Creating Soap Roses with a Vegetable Peeler

The first step in creating the soap roses is to color the soap a nice rosy color! In the soap bar pictured we used Matte Americana Red Liquid Pigment in Premium Goat Milk MP Soap Base. Once the melted soap is our desired shade, we poured it into a Rectangle Soap Cup.

Once the soap hardened, we unmold it and began with the vegetable peeler. We held the pink soap bar in our left hand and used our right hand to carefully peel a layer of soap off the bar. The soap will naturally curl as the vegetable layer runs along the top of the soap bar. These are the rose buds!

Next, we continued in a similar manner with green soap to create the leaves. We used Matte Green Liquid Pigment with Premium Goat Milk MP Soap Base for the leaves. We peeled the green soap to create green soap curls then pinched one end of each soap curl to create an oblong shape that serves as our leaves.

Once the rose buds and leaves were made, we created a color coordinating loaf and embedded the roses and leaves on top.

For detailed instructions on how to create this soap view the Bed of Roses Loaf MP Soap Recipe.
If you are ready to make it, purchase our Bed of Roses Loaf MP Soap Kit.

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