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How to Fragrance Botanicals

Botanicals add a touch of nature to cosmetics, and will appeal to customers for their look. Unfortunately, they often lack the strong aromas we associate with beautiful flowers and tasty herbs. Fragrances and essential oils fill this void making your finished product look and smell wonderful! Here are some fragrance suggestions to help take your soap or cosmetic to the next level!

Fragrance for Botanicals

English Bathhouse Fragrance Oil - This smells of the English countryside with notes of wild violets, rose and jasmine. Soft scents of vanilla and white musk round out this fragrance. Pairs well with Jasmine Flowers or Red Buds & Leaves.

Sweet Bay Rose Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil Blend - This fragrance contains a mixture of natural essential oils with fragrance oils imparting aromas of bay leaves, rose, eucalyptus and basil. Pair with Eucalyptus LeafBath Tea: Herbal BlendBath Tea: Balancing or Red Buds & Leaves.

Chamomile Neroli Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil Blend - A sophisticated aroma of chamomile flowers, neroli (a scent from the blossom of the bitter orange tree) and petitgrain (aroma found in the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree). Pair this fragrance with Chamomile FlowersOrange Peel PiecesBath Tea: Basic, or Bath Tea: Relaxation.

Chamomile & Lavender Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Blend - A soothing and relaxing blend of aromas from chamomile flowers and lavender flowers. Pair with Chamomile FlowersLavender Buds, or Bath Tea: Pampering

Red Hibiscus & Acai Fragrance Oil - A bright and colorful scent of hibiscus flowers with notes of currant, acai berry, plumeria flower, jasmine flower and amber. Pair with Hibiscus FlowersBath Tea: Herbal Blend, or Bath Tea: Balancing

Lavender 30/32 Essential Oil - A pure and 100% natural fragrance steam distilled from lavender. A strong and beautiful scent. Pair with Lavender Buds or Bath Tea: Balancing.

How to Add Fragrance to Botanicals

In general, it works best to scent the product around the botanicals versus the botanicals themselves. Below are suggestions on how to add scent to a variety of products where botanicals may be used.

Potpourri: Botanicals are popular for hand-blended potpourri. Use a blend of different Botanicals or one of our pre-mixed Bath Teas to start as the base for your potpourri. Mix your fragrance with Benzoin Powder, which is a fragrance fixative. (Benzoin Powder serves to hold your fragrance and will make the aroma last longer.) Once the fragrance is absorbed into the powder, blend your botanicals with the benzoin powder mixture and package. Follow our Summer Citrus Potpourri Recipe for step-by-step guidance.  

Bath Teas: Bath Salts work well to add to the bathing experience and also work to hold the fragrance. Sprinkle the fragrance in the Bath Salts and mix well. Once the fragrance has dried then mix the salts with the botanicals. Package in a Bath Tea Bag or tie a Mesh Bath Tea Ball to your packaging for easy use. Follow our Bath Tea with Spa Salts Recipe or Secret Garden Bath Tea for step-by-step guidance.

Bath Fizzies: Botanicals are used to decorate the tops of bath fizzies and bath bombs, and it is the bath fizzy itself that will be fragranced. Sprinkle fragrance in your dry mixture of citric acid and baking soda. When you are ready to mold, add Botanicals to the bottom of the mold and press your bath fizzy mixture on top. For guided instructions read one of our botanical bath fizzy recipes: Luxury Lavender Foot Bath BombsFlower with Rose Petals Bath Fizzies, or Lavender Rose Bath Fizzies.


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