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How to Create Luxury Spa Products

Adding a luxurious sugary botanical scent is a simple way to raise the caliber of soaps and cosmetics. Sugar by itself is sometimes viewed as kiddie or for teen products while floral can often be reminiscent of grandma and the older generation. Mixing sugar with botanicals creates a trendy balance of young and sophistication that appeals to a wide audience. Use these fragrances in soaps and cosmetics to elevate your product line for a classy and elegant feel! 

The Best Botanical Sugar Fragrances

Rose Cognac Sugar Fragrance Oil - Rose Cognac Sugar Fragrance has the aroma of delicate rose petals, vanilla and sugar crystals.

Rosewater Lemonade Fragrance Oil - Rosewater Lemonade Fragrance smells of zesty, fresh squeezed lemon, juicy strawberry and raspberry blossoms with notes of iced rose petals. View our Rosewater Lemonade CP Soap Loaf Recipe for directions on using this fragrance in cold process soap.

Pistachio & Cardamom Cake Fragrance Oil - Pistachio & Cardamom Cake Fragrance has the aroma of gloriously fragrant cake scented with rosewater, pistachio and cardamom topped with buttercream. View our Pistachio Cardamom Cake Soap Bars Recipe for further inspiration.

White Chocolate Cake Fragrance Oil - White Chocolate Cake Fragrance has the scent of delicate notes of rose petals infused with white cocoa, buttercream and vanilla cake.

Mix & Match - Another way to create a botanical sugar scent is to mix your favorite sugar fragrance with your favorite floral fragrance. In our Sweet Lily Layered CP Loaf Recipe we mixed Hello Sugar* Fragrance with Lily of the Valley Fragrance.

How to Use Fragrance Oils

The first thing to figure out is how much fragrance to use in your product. This depends on three factors:

1) The maximum amount of scent the product base will accept.
2) The maximum IFRA skin safe level.
3) The amount of fragrance that smells good in your product.  

You will look at these three maximum guidelines and use the LOWEST percentage.
Confused? Watch this short video for more information: Determining Fragrance Oil Amounts.

Next, multiple the percentage times the total weight of your product.

For example if you will use 3% for 16 ounces of products. Multiply .03 times 16. This equals 0.48 so you would add 0.48 ounces to your product.
For more information, watch this short video: Calculating Fragrance Oil Amounts.

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