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How to Create a Pencil Line in CP Soap with Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is thought to detoxify the body, and has become popular for use in soaps and cosmetics. Solid black soap bars are how you typically see the powder being used, but what about a pencil line! Pencil lines are commonly seen between two layers of different colored soap. The line gives a nice separation between the colors and creates a natural and appealing look to soap bars. Let's get started with learning how to create this look!

Creating an Activated Charcoal Pencil Line in Soap

Begin by making your cold process soap as normal. Split the batch in half and color half of the soap. For the bar pictured, we used Neon Pink Pleasures Powder in one half and left the other half as is without added color. Once soap was at trace, we poured the pink soap into a Regular Silicone Soap Mold.

Now it's time for the pencil line! Use a tea strainer to lightly sprinkle the Activated Charcoal onto the pink soap in the mold. It is important that you can still see some of the pink soap peaking through the Activated Charcoal. If you added too much in one area, use a spoon or fork to lightly expose some of the pink soap. The top layer will only adhere to the soap so failure to have enough exposed soap could result in the two layers falling apart from each other.

Once the Activated Charcoal is sprinkled, finish with the other soap to fill the mold. Texture the top as desired and allow the soap to harden for 24-48 hours. Remove the soap from the mold. When cutting into soap slices, turn the soap loaf on its side so that you are slicing the soap from the side. This allows the drag from the pencil line to follow the line in the soap. This will help keep the powder from getting on the pink and yellow parts of the soap. Allow soap to cure and admire your work!

For detailed instructions on how to make this particular bar of soap view the Rosewater Lemonade CP Soap Recipe.

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