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Fragrance Formulator: Garden Inspired Scents

Fragrance blending is becoming our new obsession! It is so satisfying to imagine a scent and then create it. This month we were inspired by flower gardens, food gardens and meditation gardens. If you love floral, you’ll love these fragrance blends!

We used Fragrance Formulator fragrances for all of our blends. These fragrances are specifically formulated to blend well together. Each blend is composed of ten parts and each part represents 10% of the total fragrance. Try these blends in your next recipe or use them as inspiration to create your own customized fragrance blends!

Food Garden Scents
The health and wellness trend is here to stay and more and more people are growing their own food. The new gardener is likely to start small with an herb garden or modest tower. These custom fragrance blends are inspired by these small gardens.

Cucumber Mint
6 Cucumber, 3 Lemon, 1 Mint

Herb Garden
5 Herbal Citrus, 5 Green Herbal

Lavender Mint
5 Lavender, 5 Mint

Strawberry Tower
5 Strawberry, 3 Cucumber, 2 Dark Fruit

Purple Raspberry
5 Raspberry, 3 Dark Fruit, 2 Vanilla

Flower Garden Scents
Imagine walking through your favorite botanical garden or local flower farm. The fragrant blossoms waft through the air and intertwine with lovely greenery scents. With ‘Ultra Violet’ as the Pantone Color of the Year, expect a surge in purple scented and colored products. Now is the time for violet, plum rose and lavender scents!

Plum Rose
5 Rose, 3 Dark Fruit, 2 Muguet

Spanish Lavender
5 Lavender, 3 Honey, 2 Rain

Mango Lemonade Rose
4 Lemon, 3 Mango, 2 Rose, 1 Sugared

Farm Flowers
3 Muguet, 3 Honey, 2 Sweet Floral, 2 Spiced Floral

Ultra Violet
2 Sweet Floral, 2 Rose, 2 Powder, 2 Lavender, 2 Dark Fruit

Meditation Garden Scents
Gardens designed for mindful relaxation are the inspiration for the next set of fragrance blends. Picture freshly raked rock gardens, mesmerizing water features and calming lavender. In today’s busy world, we could all benefit from a little downtime in one of these tranquil gardens.

Zen Garden
4 Green Herbal, 4 Spiced Floral, 2 Lavender

4 Lemon, 3 Lavender, 3 Orange

Rock Garden
4 Ozonic, 3 Green Floral, 3 Oriental

Cascading Water
3 Pink Grapefruit, 3 Rain, 2 Herbal Citrus, 2 Cucumber

Serene Garden
4 Rose, 3 Lemon, 3 Amber

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