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Decode Your Label: Lip Butter

Ever wonder what's on your Lip Butter Label? Find out here!

Lip Butter- An anhydrous preparation intended to moisturize the lips.

Castor Oil- A clear, slightly yellowish natural vegetable oil used to impart glide to lip products.

Anhydrous - Anhydrous means that the cosmetic is free from any added water.

ChapStick- Chapstick was developed in the early 1880's by Dr. Charles Browne Fleet as a handmade product, which resembled a wickless candle wrapped in tin foil. Chapstick refers to any lip balm contained in a lipstick-style tube and applied in the same manner as lipstick. However, the term is still a registered trademark, with rights exclusively owned by Pfizer.

Beeswax- A glandular excretion product from bees that is insoluble in water. Beeswax has a melting point of 61-68°C (142-154°F) and is often used to thicken lip products and lend a barrier to the skin.

Flavor- Any natural or synthetic substance or substances used solely to impart a taste to a cosmetic product.

Candelilla Wax- Candelila wax is a natural plant wax extracted from the candelilla plant. Candelilla wax can partially replace beeswax to create a plant-based formulation. With a melting point of 69-73°C (156-163°F), it creates a very firm product. Too much candelilla wax can create a brittle product.

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