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Common Questions: Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

We've answered your most common questions about bubble bath and shower gel!

Q: I want to make my bubble bath have huge bubbles. How can I do that?

A: There are lots of ways to add more bubbles to your bubble bath. You can add in Crafter’s Choice Bubble Up, an easy liquid additive that can be added into your bubble bath when it’s warm. You can also add in Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, also known as lathanol powder or SLSa, which is a powder additive.

Q: Help! My fragrance oil is making my shower gel look cloudy. How do I fix that?

A: This is a very common problem that handmade artisans have when adding fragrance or essential oils to their water-based products. Thankfully, the Crafter’s Choice FO & EO Modifier fixes this exact problem. It helps to solubilize fragrance oils and essential oils into water-based products helping you keep your finished products clear.

Q: How do I make my bubble bath look pearlescent?

A: This is an easy one! Getting that gorgeous pearlescent tone in your bubble bath is as easy as adding some of the Crafter’s Choice Bubble Wash Pearlizer. This can be added at room temperature to bubble bath and shower gel bases, is self-suspending, and produces excellent foaming and pearlescent results

Q: I’m having some trouble with micas; what’s the easier way to color my bubble bath?

A: This is a great question! For easy bubble bath and shower gel color, we recommend using the Crafter’s Choice Stained Glass Liquid Colors. These colors disperse evenly in liquid products, last for a very long time, and allow you to create multiple shades and variations of colors with just a few dyes.

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