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Choosing a Mold for MP Soapmaking

There are so many molds that are suitable for casting MP Soap Base, ranging from silicone to plastic and even recycled food containers! MP Soap Base can be cast in intricately designed molds because it hardens enough to release without breaking off the design. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that whatever mold you choose, it will need to be waterproof, meaning that it is non-porous and can hold water without absorbing or leaking. A cardboard box would not be a suitable mold, as the cardboard would absorb the water, same with an unlined wooden mold. Wood is porous and would absorb the water. So what can you use?

Molds made with plastic or silicone work best. Many wooden molds come with silicone inserts or plastic linings so that they can be used with MP Soap.

Let's go over some common molds available for MP Soapmaking.

Recycled food containers - Cleaned and washed plastic yogurt cups, cat food containers and other small plastic food containers that you can recycle. These are great to keep around in case you fill a mold and have a bit of excess base leftover and need a way to cast it.

Silicone Bar Molds - Silicone bar molds come in many shapes and sizes ranging from round to square and oval to rectangle. You’ll also find more creative shapes such as hearts, puzzle pieces and flowers. Silicone molds are very easy to work with and release soap easily and cleanly. 

Silicone Column Loaf Molds - These molds are vertical column molds where the top of one bar is the only thing exposed. These would be more difficult to layer in but are great for embeds. 

Silicone Column Minis and Shapes - These molds are similar to the Column Loaf Molds, but in mini sizes and different shapes. Many of these molds are perfect to embed into the regular size Column Loaf Molds. 

Silicone Traditional Loaf Molds - These are molds that create a whole loaf of soap in varying sizes. The loaf can then be sliced into bars. By using loaf molds you can increase your production and create more consistent designs. 

Cleaning MP Soap Molds

You can wash plastic molds in warm, sudsy water. Washing in the dishwasher can cause the mold to warp and/or become brittle.

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