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C is for Citrus

citrus  | aromatic cosmetic additive
Citrus scents can be essential oils or fragrance oils. They are considered to be some of the most popular aromas as they have a high appeal to women, men, teens and children. The most popular scents are lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange. They are used to bring fresh, sunny and bright notes to formulations. When blended with other scents citrus enhances sweet, sour, floral, vanilla and gourmand bakery aromatics. It will tend to get a bit lost when blended with other fruit notes. It is a little known fact that many citrus fragrance oils actually contain a substantial amount of citrus essential oil.

Cleopatra was an Egyptian Queen that had a passion for enhancing her beauty. Like the queen, the handmade soap and cosmetic industry uses citrus powders in beauty recipes. Lemon powder and orange powder are two very popular cosmetic additives.
Lemon powder is a natural astringent, antiseptic, and bactericide. It is thought to help clear the complexion and to smooth out broken capillaries, while clearing greasy and oily skin with pimples and acne. It will produce a product color that is a natural orange to yellow color. It is commonly used at 1-3%.
Orange peel powder is rich in vitamin C and other fruit acids that are thought to benefit skin by increasing the production of collagen and stimulating circulation. It will produce a product color that is a natural orange color. It is commonly used at 1-3%.

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