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Beachy Foot Scrub

With the change of the season comes the transition to open-styled footwear, which means you're going to want your feet looking their best. Follow this simple recipe for a Beachy Foot Scrub to get your feet summer ready!

Summer means visits to the beach, strappy sandals and flip-flops. The change to open-styled footwear, however, can also lead to dry cracked feet. No one wants rough looking soles to be the focal point of their summer vacation, but traditional "body scrub" formulas have a tendency to be too oily and not gritty enough for the thick skin found on our feet.

This formula incorporates thickening agents to help emulsify the oil content, leading to a stiffer overall product that is less oily than formulas reated for use on the body. Powdered pumice has been combined with ultra-fine dendritic salt to provide a grittier skin-feel. Dendritic salt has an amazing capacity to absorb oil, so it also assists in keeping the scrub ingredients from separating.

Although there is no water in the actual formula, the end user can contaminate the product by storing it in the shower or dispensing product with wet hands. For these reasons, a preservative has been incorporated to protect against contamination and to provide a longer shelf-life.

Formula: Beachy Foot Scrub

Phase A
15 g Crafters Choice™ Stearic Acid
70 g Crafters Choice™ Emulsifying Wax - Traditional
11 g Crafters Choice™ Avocado Oil
45 g Crafters Choice™ Shea Butter- Natural
Phase B
345 g Crafters Choice™ Dendritic Salt
60 g Crafters Choice™ Pumice Powder
Phase C
5 g Crafters Choice™ Beach Type Fragrance Oil
3 g Germall Plus Liquid


1. Combine all ingredients in Phase A and melt in double boiler over medium heat.
2. Combine all ingredients in Phase B, then add Phase B to Phase A. Fold components together to fully incorporate.
3. Add Phase C. Mix well to incorporate fragrance and preservative throughout the formula.

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