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Simple Secrets: Packaging Guest-Size CP Soap Bars

Guest-Size Packaging
Small guest-size soap bars can help you expand your soap making endeavor. You could sell them so new customers can try your soap, give them away as samples to your best customers, gift them to house guests (who will hopefully spread the word about your business) or wholesale them to local inns. Whichever avenue fits your soaping venture, you'll want quality packaging. Professional packaging speaks louder than just pretty wrappings. It tells your customers and friends that you are serious about your soap making, and taking necessary steps to research the handmade industry. Here are some tips for packaging guest-size bars of cold process soap.

Cigar Band
We love cigar band wrapped cold process soap! It's sleek and simple while also portraying a professionally handcrafted product. The best part is that cigar bands can easily be created at home with a computer, printer and card-stock. First, measure your soap bar to determine the cigar band size needed. We made our guest soaps in Crafter's Choice® Rectangle Guest Silicone Mold and measured our desired cigar bands to 1" high by 8.25" long. Next, open a word processing program or design program such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or Adobe Photoshop and create rectangular shapes matching the size of your needed cigar band. Start inputting your label information. (Lookup proper soap labeling in your area to ensure your content is complete.) Once your design is set, print onto card-stock and begin cutting out your bands. Wrap them around your soap and use tape, glue or glue dots to keep the bands together. 

Cupcake Liner 
Another way to wrap soap is with cupcake liners! Place your small soap bar in the middle and pull the edges of the liner up and over the soap. Stick a circle label on the bunched liner to finish the look. Our soaps were molded in Crafter's Choice® Round Guest Silicone Mold and labeled with 0.75" white circle labels. Circle labels are very common, and with a simple Google search you should be able to find a label template to help with your label design. Additionally, most label retailers will provide you with a template.

Fancy Paper
We love the look of soap wrapped in specialty paper with a chic label. While this is one of our favorite looks, it is also the most time consuming. Wrap each individual bar in paper similar to how you would wrap a gift. Finish by adding a label with the proper information on it. We molded the pictured soaps with Crafter's Choice® Square Guest Silicone Mold and used 1.6" x 1.8" white rectangle labels.

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