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Labeling Guidelines Color Additives & True Soap

We are introducing a new series of featured articles that highlight various aspects of proper labeling guidelines for handmade soap and cosmetics. Look for a new installment of this featured column each month online and in Handmade Magazine. If you don't subscribe to Handmade Magazine, sign up today! Click here

Listing Color Additives
The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires that you properly list color additives on an ingredient label.  To be in compliance it is important to check with your supplier and obtain the full color ingredient listing.  This is because it is common for colors to have common terms such as “mica” when in reality the full listing is much longer such as:  Mica, Iron Oxide.  Colors can be listed at the end of the ingredient area of the label.
Labeling True Soap
In the United States traditional soap that does not contain detergents and is sold for the sole purpose of cleansing meets the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Soap Exemption rule.  If you are labeling a bar of soap that meets this exemption you will need to comply with Fair Packaging and Labeling Act and Consumer Protection Safe Commission’s regulations.  This includes having on the principle label:  Accurate Product Name, Net Quantity in Metric.  The secondary label must contain:  Directions for Use and Caution/Warning Statements, Business Name and Business Location.  For soap that is exempt from FDA regulations you are not required to list the ingredients.  

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