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3 Resources for Labeling Your Handmade Products

Product labels not only describe your product but they also allow you to distinguish yourself from competitors on shelves. Having a well-designed product label cannot only make your products more attractive but they can also lead to more sales! Whether you prefer to create your own labels or order them off of a website there are endless options for placing the finishing touches on your product. Here are a few label creating websites to kick start your creativity!

Avery®. Avery is a website that enables you to create customized labels for your products. The website features thousands of free pre-designed or blank templates that you can then personalize. With your choice of fonts, colors and graphics you can make product labels unique to your company! A helpful tool that Avery provides is the "Ideas" page. This page contains endless inspiration for artisans who are brainstorming for projects. Take inspiration from the "Ideas" page and create festive labels for seasonal products or customized labels for special events. A new feature that has been added to the website is Avery WePrint™. This feature provides professional print quality using only premium materials. The best part about Avery WePrint™ is deliveries are available in as few as three business days! If you prefer to do your own printing, Avery has that option available as well. You can print your projects right at home so no wait time is involved! The website also provides a way to save your projects so you may retrieve them in the future. This feature is called a MyAvery™ account. Avery is a great option when looking for a website to create product labels. It provides inspiration to you as well as accommodates your printing needs. 

Etsy®. Etsy is best known as an e-commerce website that features handmade, vintage and factory-manufactured items. The website covers a wide range of products including clothing, jewelry, beauty products and much more. Etsy offers a multitude of handmade label options for artisans to choose from. Most labels are made to order and can be shipped worldwide! A helpful tool that Etsy provides is customer reviews of the products. Customers can see how many reviews the products have, and they can read through them to see if the labels are worth purchasing. Each product page contains a detailed description of the item and the artisan's shipping requirements and policies. Etsy does not provide ready to print labels. All labels must be bought from the artisan through the website. The great thing about this is that you can support fellow artisans by purchasing their products! The artisan can create the customized labels, which are sure to catch customers’ attention. Etsy is a great choice when looking for customized product labels. The prices are reasonable and it’s a great way to support other handmade artisans!

StickerYou®. This website is a great option for artisans that are looking for unique label materials. StickerYou offers many categories of customizable labels including clear labels, clear stickers and many other fun alternatives! Labels cannot be printed from the StickerYou website, but if you are interested in the product then StickerYou offers a Quick Quote Calculator to determine pricing. Another helpful feature that the website includes is a blog channel. The blogs discuss topics such as “How to Make Your Business Stick” and many more! For creative alternatives for product labels, check out StickerYou. The website contains helpful tools to get your products to stick out from the rest. 

Quick Tips. Once you have started the process of creating your product labels, there are many things to consider. What color will the labels be and what font should you use? For all these questions, here are a few tips on how to make your products look their best:
  • Color choice can directly affect a buyer’s purchasing decisions. When choosing the color of your labels consider the color of the container. If the container is clear then take into account the color of the product itself. These small observations could make a big impact on the success of your sales.
  • When choosing your font, do not settle for the standard Arial or Times New Roman. Mix it up and be playful! For example, if you are designing a label for bubble bath products then consider using a font that plays upon the bubbles in the product. Try to capture the personality of your products in your font choice!
Product labels can set you apart from the competition. Choose a good website or software that fits your labeling needs and then be creative! Be mindful of the small details on your labels. They ultimately play the largest role in your sales!

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