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Filling Lotion Bottles - Tips and Tricks

Lotion is a popular product and can be an easy addition to your product line. Unfortunately the most difficult part of lotion making can often be the final step, packaging. Although this may not be a big issue when you are making small batches, it can be especially tricky when you start producing on a larger scale. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for filling those pesky lotion bottles! 

If you have a steady hand, you can pour the lotion at a thin consistency right into your bottles. To get the lotion to be the right consistency, slowly heat the lotion and be careful not to break the emulsion by heating it too much as it will cause it to separate. You also want to be aware of the maximum heating temperature of your preservative and be sure to keep the heat below that temperature. Exceeding the maximum temperature can inactivate the preservative, allowing bacteria to grow.

When your lotion is warmed to the proper consistency begin filling the bottles. Many handmade artisans prefer to pour freehand or use a funnel in the neck of the bottle. In our experience when lotion starts to thicken, the funnel can become clogged. We prefer pouring freehand using the Mix & Pour Funnel Pitchers – the long nose on the pitcher helps to keep a controlled stream while filling.

Another option is using a disposable pastry bag or a cone shaped bag such as a Premium Crystal Cello Bag (12” x 6” cone). Simply fill the bag with the lotion, twist the end so it can be held comfortably in your hand and trim the tip off. Once the tip has been trimmed lotion will start to pour out quickly, be sure to have an empty bottle ready! This makes a very quick way to fill the bottles but it can get a little messy when it comes time to refill the bag and clean up.

Our third and favorite way to fill lotion bottles is by using a gallon jug pump. Several of the Crafter’s Choice premade lotion bases are already sold in a gallon jug; you simply need to add a pump top after adding your fragrance and color! You can also use this method when making lotion from scratch. After you make your batch of lotion, instead of attempting to pour it into smaller bottles, fill a gallon or half-gallon jug with the finished product. Attach a pump top to the jug and fill your individual bottles by pumping the finished lotion into them.

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