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What is Your Money Story?

Do you resent “rich people”? You may be surprised to know that could be the reason that your business isn’t flourishing and profitable. Individuals who view wealthy people in a negative light are not likely to be successful themselves. Here are some simple, time-saving techniques that can get you on your way to positive thinking and ultimately success!

Do you resent “rich people”? You may be surprised to know that could be the reason that your business isn’t flourishing and profitable.

I recently had the honor of interviewing one of America’s leading entrepreneurs on Million Dollar Mindset Radio. Larry Broughton grew up in a rural mining town, joined U.S. Army’s elite Special Forces (commonly known as the Green Berets), and spent eight years jumping out of airplanes, engaging in military conflicts and working hard to maintain peak condition 365 days a year.

Since then Larry has become a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and author. He has been named Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year, and made Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot 500 List of the country’s fastest growing companies.  One of Broughton’s companies, BROUGHTON Advisory, boasts clients from entrepreneurial start-ups to Turner Broadcasting and The Pentagon. 

Whew! Sounds like a pretty tough guy, doesn’t he? And in many ways he is. I would describe Larry as disciplined, focused, creative, and spiritual. Yes, spiritual. It may surprise some people to know that this former Green Beret spends time each day in solitude; meditating, reciting affirmations, and visualizing the future that he most desires. He also dedicated many hours to his humanitarian efforts and to mentoring promising entrepreneurs. When Larry Broughton leaves his home each day he takes more out the door than his ego.

This certainly defies the common misconception that highly successful and wealthy business people are self-absorbed and would go to any lengths to get what they want. This stereotype does not include kindness, thoughtfulness, or generosity. Yet, Larry Broughton is all of these things. In fact, of all of the top-flight entrepreneurs who I have interviewed I can only think of a handful who actually fit into the former stereotype.

So why do so many people equate success and wealth with greed and ego? It’s usually not from first-hand experience that we make those judgments, but from a negative portrait that has been crafted throughout our entire life. From the images seeded by our well-meaning parents or other influencers to the stereotyping that we see in reality television, the idea of wealth has become warped and negative for many.

So what does this negative perception cost those who possess it? The cost is high; very high. As long as an individual holds on to resentment and negativity about those who are wealthy and successful they are not likely to achieve success themselves. Instead they tend to get stuck in a life of unhappiness, negative thinking, lack, disappointment and even anger.

What is your money story? Do you see wealth in a negative light? Do you see “rich” people as arrogant snobs? If so, take notice of how you feel when you step into these belief systems. Do you feel good, or do you feel bad? Does your body tense; your shoulders sag? Do you clench your jaw or feel emotions like anger or resentment?

Now I ask you: How can you attract something into your own life that you view as so ugly in another’s life?

Remember, your subconscious is a clever little rascal. It knows that you don’t approve of wealth; therefore it will do anything within its power to push it away. This is better known as self-sabotage.

So how do you rid of these negative impressions? There are so many ways. The Emotional Freedom Techniques are powerful in getting to the bottom of your beliefs to reduce or eliminate them altogether. Affirmations, visualization and meditation are practices that can easily be embraced on a daily basis. Too many people claim that they don’t have the time to do these things, but that’s not really true. Larry Broughton spends only 14-minutes a day in his routine and look how well it’s worked for him.

Here’s a little process that should get you on your way without taking a huge chunk of time out of your day:

  •  As soon as you awake in the morning think about three things that you are truly grateful for. Spend a minute or two in the energy of gratitude, feel the positive effects of that energy.

  • While you are in the shower or blow drying your hair recite several empowering affirmations. I keep affirmation cards in a lovely frame on my bathroom wall to make it easy.

  • Before you begin your day spend about 3-5 minutes in a quiet place. Imagine yourself paying your bills with ease, joy and even gratitude. Feel freedom from your financial burdens and allow feelings of success to take over. Even if you don’t typically view yourself as successful, allow confidence to seep in. Bask in the pleasure of success and prosperity. These few minutes will change your energy and send positive signals to your subconscious mind. This will help to retrain your subconscious to allow opportunities for wealth into your life.

Repeat before bedtime. You will sleep like a baby and soon you will see signs of change. Let me know how it goes!

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