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Vanilla Color Stabilizer - Everything You Need To Know

Vanilla Color Stabilizer (VCS) is a fragrance technology designed specifically for the soap and cosmetic industry. It is used in soap and cosmetics to prevent/reduce the browning of product due to vanilla content in fragrance oil. Vanilla Color Stabilizer is a proprietary blend that can be listed as “fragrance” on your label. This is because when you mix it with your chosen fragrance oil, you are technically creating a new fragrance.

Vanilla Color Stabilizer is specifically formulated for cosmetic products and there are currently three different formulations that cover a wide variety of product. Crafter’s Choice carries Vanilla Color Stabilizer for Melt & Pour Soap, Cold Process Soap (which also covers bath fizzies and bubble cakes) and Lotions & Washes (which also covers body scrubs and body spray).

When incorporating VCS into your recipe, there are general guidelines to follow. If your fragrance has less that 10% vanilla content, mix in at a one-part stabilizer to a two-part fragrance oil ratio. If the vanilla content in your fragrance is at 10% or more, mix in at a one to one ratio. After thoroughly mixing you fragrance blend, allow to sit for at least two minutes before adding into your recipe.

Some VCS has a strong, pungent odor that can be very overwhelming and should not be inhaled. We recommend wearing a mask when working with stabilizer, especially VCS for cold process soap and lotions and washes. It is important to know that the harsh odor of Vanilla Color Stabilizer dissipates in the final product. Fragrance is not weakened by the ingredient.

Vanilla Color Stabilizer is a wonderful ingredient that has proved to be very useful in the soap and cosmetic making industry. Although VCS is favored by many, not everybody chooses to use it in their recipes. Even if your chosen fragrance has a high vanilla content it is not required that you use VCS in your formulation. However, if you do not use it, you must expect the color of your final product to darken over time.

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