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Sprucing Up Every Day Products For The Holidays

The holiday season offers plenty of opportunities to showcase your products as the perfect gift for your customers' family, friends, teachers, and more. The good news is that you don't need to create a completely new product line of homemade holiday soaps. Instead, you can make a few tweaks to your existing packaging and marketing strategies to excite your customers and prime them to choose your soaps for their holiday gift giving. Follow these three tips to get your shop ready for the holiday season this year. 

Holiday Packaging

Adjusting your packaging is an easy way to make your soap products stand out during the holiday shopping season. Pretty packaging can change your customer's perception of your product and make the difference in them choosing your soap over a competitor's.
Here are some ideas on how to turn your everyday bath and body products and turn them into holiday must haves. 
  • Change packaging colors to fit the holiday season (like red and green or blue and silver)
  • Wrap up bath bombs in cellophane to look like Christmas candy
  • Stack three bathbombs in a clear bag and paint on a snowman's face
  • Create gift sets with existing greetings (like pairing hand cream with a snowflake for a holiday "coffee and cream" gift)
  • Offer gift wrapping services to customers can have your products directly shipped to their recipient
With a little creativity and repackaging, you can position your current inventory as a holiday gift favorite.

Repurpose Customer Favorite Scents for the Holidays

It may be tempting to think you need a dozen new scents to entice holiday shoppers, like pine or orange spice. But the reality is that you can successfully reuse your best seller fragrances with just a bit of marketing massaging.
Think of new creative names to make your products stand out. Everybody loves pumpkin spice, but don’t be afraid to put your summer strawberry scrubs on the shelves as "Very Merry Strawberry Scrub." Or a mint-infused soap could become a candy cane fragrance!
Start brainstorming ideas now so you have time to create new labels that reflect your innovative names!

Create Holiday-Relevant Content

Another way to drive customers to your products this season is with holiday-relevant content, whether it's through blog posts, Instagram reels, or your newsletter. There are tons of ideas that can connect back to your shop, such as a gift guide, DIY holiday soap ideas, or a gift wrapping demonstration. 
You can also stage new product photos for your social media accounts. Nestle candles among some pine cones, or snap shots of your soap bars with sprigs of holly. As a customer bonus, try creating a digital PDF to go along with their purchase, like printable gift tags. Also consider launching holiday promo codes on certain days (think code: JINGLEBELLS20 for a 20% discount). 
One note to make the most out of the holiday shopping season: Avoid waiting too long to start making your holiday marketing plan. Create a content calendar now so that you can begin engaging your audience by Black Friday. 
With just a few adjustments to your holiday marketing plan, you'll be ready with a fully stocked shop that customers can't wait to explore for all of their gift giving needs.

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