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She Tweeted What?!

The business of celebrity endorsement in the US is a multimillion dollar industry. Bath and body organizations clamor to secure top celebrities in hopes of gaining consumer recognition for their products. But how to gain a celebrity endorsement is not really what this article is about. The heart of my discussion is how celebrity endorsements affect you as a small business owner.

Today’s assortment of celebrities includes a-listers, sports stars, musicians, television icons and even internet personalities; each with the power of social media at their fingertips. If a superstar tweets that her daily use of argan oil is the secret to her flawless skin, you can bet that search engines will go wild with individuals seeking out argan oil based products. Social media directly influences your sales and with a few tricks you can stay on top.

Search Engine Optimization Keywords

Have you assigned keywords to your website, etsy store or facebook page? Keywords are what consumers type in when searching for products, services or information. Choosing the correct keywords is so very important to success.
When choosing the words to describe your shop and items, think like a consumer. Choose the keywords that you would use when searching for your products. But be wary about adding keywords that do not pertain to your offerings. If you opt to add keywords or tags on products you don’t carry just for the sole purpose of driving traffic to your site/store, it may backfire. The consumers will undoubtedly become confused, frustrated and leave without making a purchase.
Let’s use the idea of the celebrity that tweeted about argan oil as an example. Do you sell argan oil neat or as an additive? Be specific with your keyword selection as to how it is sold. If it is by the ounce or gram you may use keywords such as argan oil or pure argan oil. If you sell it as an additive in your lotion you may opt to use keywords such as lotion with argan oil or argan oil face cream. Choose to stay away from one word description as they are too vague.

Retweet, Repost or Reblog

Don’t be afraid of sharing useful information to your followers on social media sites. It is a fantastic way to boost your search rating and online presence.  It not only allows you to share pertinent information, but increase your visibility in search engines. For example, retweeting the celebrity’s post of the argan oil with an added note that argan oil is the main ingredient in your face cream offers validity to the use of your products. As an added bonus, you may garner the attention of the celebrity originating the tweet as well as her followers.
If you do retweet, repost or reblog, do so responsibly. Give credit where credit is due. Never claim information or research as your own if it is not. Too many times credibility can be lost forever by use of plagiarism and/or copyright infringement. 

Become a Follower

Want to know what products celebrities love? Or what is on the a-listers must have for skin care lists? You can gain this information {and plenty more) by monitoring them. Subscribe to their facebook fan pages, follow their blogs or twitter account. Even flipping through a beauty magazine will pinpoint what is hot in Hollywood. The guilty pleasure of spending an hour getting lost in a glossy (for the sake of business research) is my idea of time well spent.
Keep a list of products mentioned that aligns with your business model. Then start your research. Weed out the ones that do not seem feasible or that are outside your capabilities. From the narrowed down list, begin experimenting. Formulate and reformulate until the product is your own masterpiece. You may now just have the next most celebrity sought after product. Don’t forget to tweet about it!
Staying abreast on what is current in your industry is not just important, it is imperative. Stand out amongst your competitors by creating products with trendy ingredients. Trends can have an impact on how consumers reach your business, influence growth and point out product lines. Embrace social media and let its influence work for you.

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