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Fragrance Formulator: Southwest Region Scents

Fragrance Fomulator oils have a specific molecular composition, which allows them to be successfully used as single note scents or blended for custom formulations. This revolutionary system has been designed by a team of scientists to allow consumers to develop their own unique scents for soaps and cosmetics. Set yourself apart from your competition with your own blends. Below are some of our custom blends that were inspired by the Southwest Region of the USA!

Inspiration: Hot, dry air makes for a beautifully unique climate here in the southwest. You can begin, fuel or end your day eating the sweet, pillowy pastry known as Sopapilla. Today we begin with it and wash it down with water to hydrate for a day of desert exploring. Grab a hat and some sunglasses before stepping out into the southwest sun. The light smell of blue bonnet flowers brightens this beautiful, but hot day. As you enter the desert, colors of red, rust and copper fill the horizon and the warming smell of desert sand is always present. Cactus and wild aloe add some green to this red landscape, while the mild smell of ripe cactus flower fills the air. The breathtaking views found in the southwest are worth it, but you will definitely need to cool off and unwind after. A prickly pear makes for a perfect refreshment, but if you really want to unwind, a tequila-heavy margarita is the way to go in the southwest! Finish off the evening by watching a hot air balloon float across the cloudless horizon just as the sun sets.

Scent Blends:

Desert Sand: 6 Amber, 2 Tonka Bean, 2 Musk

Cactus Flower: 4 Musk,  3 Green Floral, 3 Watery Floral

Wild Aloe: 6 Watery Floral, 2 Melon, 2 Pear

Sopapilla: 5 bakery, 2 Spice, 2 Sugar, 1 Honey

Margarita: 4 Sour, 3 Lemon, 2 Sugared, 1 Herbal Citrus

Blue Bonnet: 4 Green Floral, 3 Sweet Floral, 3 Rose

Prickly Pear: 5 Pear, 5 Musk

Hot Air Balloon Proposal: 5 Tonka Bean, 4 Fougere, 1 Breeze

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