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Fragrance Formulator: Northeast Region Scents

Fragrance Fomulator oils have a specific molecular composition, which allows them to be successfully used as single note scents or blended for custom formulations. This revolutionary system has been designed by a team of scientists to allow consumers to develop their own unique scents for soaps and cosmetics. Set yourself apart from your competition with your own blends. Below are some of our custom blends that were inspired by the Northeast

Inspiration: A chilly winter morning in the northeast begins by arising from a cozy bed to enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea, and perhaps indulging in a slice of apple pie for breakfast from the night before. After enjoying breakfast and a view of the snowy landscape, it is time to leave the warmth and comfort of the log cabin and go out into the brisk winter air. Grab your gloves, coat and skis – it’s time to hit the slopes! There’s nothing quite like gliding down the side of a mountainous hill, surrounded by towering pine trees while admiring the way the fresh snow glistens when the sun decides to peek out. This is the epitome of winter time in the northeast, and there’s only one way to end this perfect day on the slopes – enjoying your favorite coffee drink by the fire with the friends and family you love. Of course, there is one final tradition you must honor before the day is over. Clinking champagne glasses are the sound of a perfect day’s end and are complemented by sweet chocolate kisses to celebrate another day in the northeast.

Scent Blends:

Ski Slopes:
5 Balsam Pine, 3 Frost, 2 Amber

Sparkling Champagne: 7 Champagne, 2 Sour, 1 Tobacco

Log Cabin: 4 Fougere, 4 Balsam Pine, 2 Tonka Bean

Apple Pie: 5 Apple, 3 Bakery, 2 Spice

Salt Water Taffy: 3 Mint, 3 Vanilla, 2 Sugared, 2 Ozonic

Boston Tea Party: 5 Herbal Citrus, 3 Lemon, 1 Honey, 1 Mint

Chocolate Kisses: 5 Chocolate, 4 Vanilla, 1 Sugared

Whipped Frozen Coffee: 5 Coffee, 3 Vanilla, 2 Chocolate

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