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Fragrance Formulator: Children's Scents

Fragrance Formulator fragrance oils allow you to create custom scents to fit all occasions. Blend different oils together to create your new favorite scent!

Fragrance Blends for Children:

Jammy Time: 6 Parts – Lavender, 4 Parts – Powder

Dinosaur Dig: 5 Parts – Melon, 3 Parts – Pear, 2 Parts – Amber

Snake Serum: 4 Parts – Dark Fruit, 3 Parts – Chocolate, 2 Parts – Hot Pepper, 1 Part – Oriental

Green Turtle: 5 Parts – Cucumber, 3 Parts – Musk, 2 Parts – Pear

Honka Trucks: 5 Parts – Lemon, 5 Parts – Tonka

Pink Princess: 4 Parts – Pink Grapefruit, 4 Parts – Strawberry, 2 Parts – Rose

Ice Princess: 4 Parts – Rose, 4 Parts – Oriental, 2 Parts – Frost

Mermaid Tails: 4 Parts – Oriental, 3 Parts – Coconut, 2 Parts – Rain, 1 Part – Sugared

How To Blend Custom Fragrances
Think about what type of fragrance you want. Consider your target market and the finished product. We found it easiest to come up with the names we wanted first. For example, this month we created children’s fragrances and came up with names such as Honka Trucks and Ice Princess.

Pick fragrances for your names. Look at the fragrance wheel and decide what scents complement your fragrance name. For example, we picked Rose, Frost, and Oriental for our Ice Princess fragrance.

Determine the ratio of each fragrance.

a.  Lineup a few fragrance blotters. Using a plastic dropper, squeeze one drop of fragrance onto each blotter. For our example, we laid out fifteen fragrance blotters and dropped five with Rose, five with Frost and five with Oriental.

b.  Pick ten total blotters, and test the smell. We started with three rose blotters, three oriental blotters and four frost blotters. Fan the blotters by your nose, and evaluate the scent. This particular blend was a little bit too frosty to us so we made some adjustments and re-smelled. Our favorite combination was four Rose, four Oriental and two Frost. This is the framework for the new fragrance oil!

Create your blend using a little bit of math. Each part accounts for 10%. In our example that means our Ice Princess fragrance oil uses 40% Rose, 40% Oriental and 20% Frost. If we wanted to create a 2 oz. bottle of Ice Princess fragrance oil we would mix 0.80 oz. Rose (40% x 2 oz. = 0.80 oz.), 0.80 oz. Oriental (40% x 2 oz. = 0.80 oz.), and 0.40 oz. Frost (20% x 2 oz. = 0.40 oz.). Mix the fragrances together, and pour into an empty bottle. It is now         ready for your next project!

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