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Creating Your Credibility

For startups, building your business credibilty may seem like a challenge, but with these quick tips you'll be on your way to building a customer base.

What do all great businesses have in common, besides their success? Their credibility! People are drawn to leaders and companies that are enthusiastic about their work, but also are trustworthy and reliable, which are the building blocks of company credibility. For startups, building credibility with new customers may seem like a daunting task, especially when you're first starting out. Just remember that credibility is not given, but earned! Here are some ways to start building and earning credibilty for your business fast:

Construct core values. Consumers want to to know what you and your business stand for, and they want to know that you'll uphold those standards even if they go against popular opinion. Think about the choices and promises you will make, because the consumer's best interest should always be in mind. If you make a mistake, that's ok! But own up to it and do your best to correct the error. This shows your patrons that you are authentic and have no hidden agendas or poor intentions.

Become proficient. As a salesperson, become familiar with your products and be able to talk knowledgeably about them. If there is something you don't know, refrain from giving out false information to avoid undermining your reputation and potentially destroying credibility with customers. Being informed about your merchandise will make it easier to sell your ideas and product and possibly deliver training to others. Don't stop, however, after you've become knowledgeable anout your own products, keep up on the latest industry trends and developments. The more you know, the more people will trust your judgement.

Communicate candidly. When interacting with clients, suppliers, and employees, speak openly about your intentions and goals, this will build trust between you and others as well as open up lines of communication that will inspire active listening skills. This means not just voicing your ideas, but giving others you interact with the oppportunity to do the same! Give people your full attention and ask questions about things that you don't understand.

Practice professionalism. Conducting yourself in a proper manner shows that you care for and take pride in your relationships and business. Behave appropriately in times of high stress or frustration. This may mean taking a few deep breaths instead of lashing out, but self control is an admirable asset to you as a professional. Even things as simple as dressing well for work, show that you respect your job, as well as yourself!

Creating credibility means you're encouraging trust and respect for your business from others. Continuously demonstrating honesty, along with communication and professionalism will help you and your business earn the integrity you are craving.

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