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Clearance Black Carbon: Smooth

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Black Carbon is widely used in cosmetics and soap because it works like a magnet to attract toxins, drawing impurities like dirt and oil from the pores and said to tighten pores, smooth skin and reduce inflammation. It is the key ingredient to African Black Soap (Ose Dudu), which has been prized for centuries for its natural healing properties. This gentle soap is highly sought after because of the lore surrounding its healing properties of skin conditions. Used for cleaning skin, hair, and even the dishes! Simply add  to your scrubs, masks, cleansers, CP Soaps and Melt & Pour Soaps and enjoy the benefits!
General usage: start with 1-2% (for instance, if you have a 16 oz batch, you would start with .16 - .32 oz)
A fine powder that integrates easily into soap, but it may be helpful to wet it prior to adding to the entire batch. To do so, simply place in a small amount of your soap base & blend well in a separate container prior to adding to the entire batch.
Characteristics: Odorless, ultra-fine smooth powder
All natural & biodegradable
Vegan-friendly, soy-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free
INCI: Coconut Carbon

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