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About Us

Welcome to our Learning Center!

We're happy to have you here. We would love to introduce you to our amazing and talented tutorial creators and let you learn a little more about who we are.

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Meet the Owner!

Tammy Tivis

Handmade toiletries had always been of great interest to Tammy, but her curiosity was especially piqued in 1996, when she became a massage therapist and later got her esthetics license. She was fascinated when she learned that what you put IN your body is as important as what you put ON your body so she started dabbling in aromatherapy and making products for clients. The knowledge and experience gained from those professions inspired her create her own unique, handmade bath and body care products.

After a few years of formulating, Tammy realized there was a real need for affordable packaging and consistently high-quality soap making supplies. The internet was still fairly new and she struggled to find cost-effective supplies from reputable sources. This inspired her to provide a solution to not only her problem but one that so many other soap makers were also experiencing.

And so ElementsBathandBody.com was born!

In 2002, Tammy and her husband Mike decided to start Elements Bath and Body Supplies as a wholesale soap making & toiletry supply resource. She started selling pipettes and lip balm tubes on Yahoo Groups and her motto was “we buy in bulk so you don’t have to”. Her hope was to fill the need she saw for bath and body product artisans like herself. The business started in the basement and it was 6 months before the first order trickled in through the website. If you’ve seen Field of Dreams, she used to laugh and say “if you build it, they will (not necessarily) come!” But, with perseverance and time, Elements has outgrown that basement and 2 warehouses and is now centrally located in an 18,000 sq ft facility in Colorado.

Elements Bath and Body has grown into more than just a husband and wife run company but one with a team that Tammy refers to as “family”. With a solid foundation in a team of people working together to create a positive experience and product for each and every customer, Elements Bath and Body has enjoyed a steady and consistent growth without the need to sacrifice quality. So many people have been a part of the journey and Tammy knows that Elements would not have celebrated those successes without the support of family, friends, team members, developers, SEO team, and of course, amazing and loyal customers. It takes a village for sure! Just as Elements has expanded, it’s been exciting to watch customers grow their businesses over the years as well. A lot has changed since those humble beginnings in the basement, but Elements has been able to stay true to it’s roots, the dream that Tammy had to provide wholesale pricing, fast shipping and high quality products to crafters like herself.

In her personal life, Tammy loves spending time with her husband and son and gets outdoors as much as possible for hiking and biking in beautiful Southern Colorado. She does what she can to contribute in a positive way to the well-being of herself, her family, her company and the world around her.

“It is a blessing to do something I love every day and I am so deeply grateful to live a life knowing that I’m helping others grow their dreams. I’m always on the hunt for great deals and I still get excited when I find an amazing low priced product that I can pass on to customers. I remember what it’s like to do farmers markers and take care of wholesale accounts so it’s important that customers feel that they are getting value as well as customer service. I’ve impressed on my team that the shipment going out the door is more than a box of soap supplies and it may mean clothing a child or paying for groceries. Customer feedback is so important and we are constantly reminded that what we do makes a difference in the lives of so many.”


Meet our Tutorial Instructors!

Teri EndsleyTeri Endsley

In 2015, Teri’s interest in soap making started out as an interest in learning old skills. At the time, she had the love of learning self-sufficiency. Her family had a garden, fruit trees, chickens, and bees. She made her own bread and laundry detergent and was learning canning and preserving food. One day, when the topic of soapmaking came up, Teri dove in and hasn’t looked back. Her passion for learning old skills quickly became a passion for soap design as her background is in graphic design. In August of 2016 she entered Amy Warden’s, Soap Challenge, for the first time and tied for 3rd place. Since then, she has earned the Grand Prize many times and had the opportunity to guest teach as well.

You can find her on Instagram, or Facebook, and YouTube. Click Here to see Teri’s Soap Challenge entries.

Teri has the love for all things visual. She loves working in her flower beds, and trying to advance her photography skills. She also has a love of fabric and paper crafts and was deep into quilting and card making before soap making came along.


Kelley ForemanKelley Foreman

In 2017, Kelley was a stressed-out science professor in desperate need of a hobby. She was browsing Etsy when she came across some beautiful bars of hand-made soap and thought, “Hey, I should make that!”. She ordered her first box of supplies, and the rest is history! Now, she makes all of her own body products including cold processed soap, lotions, scrubs, hair care products and face products. She even has her own company called The Soap Lab and cranks out hundreds of bath bombs for her happy customers and has become renowned for her essential oil-scented, creatively-colored, jumbo bath bombs. Her very favorite things to formulate are lotions and hair care products. Her favorite creative outlets are designing cold processed soap and blending essential oils. She loves the synthesis of art and science in this discipline! You can find her on Instagram at kelley.soaplab or Facebook.

When she is not making soap or bath bombs, Kelley loves cooking, baking, knitting, yoga and swimming. Her house is overrun by many wonderful pets including her miniature schnauzer Cookie, her cats Butterscotch and Muffin and her bunny Cream Puff (Seen at the bottom of this tutorial!). Kelley is a 200h-CYT certified yoga instructor and occasionally does yoga with goats!


Learn About Our Company!

About Elements Bath and Body

At Elements Bath and Body, we have been providing our customers with all the highest-quality supplies and ingredients available for hand-crafting their own soaps, bath & body care products, natural home care products and more since 2002.

As a company we strive to provide to our customers ethically, environmentally and socially responsible supplies and ingredients. Our goal is to help all our customers create products that we ourselves would feel good making and using. To do this we consider a wide range of factors, from supporting our local suppliers and manufacturers, to reducing our environmental footprint, to always being mindful of how our products are manufactured and tested.

Here are a few focus points that help to guide our business and that we are happy to, in turn, provide to you.

Our goal has been, and will always be, to be able to stand behind the quality of our products. We only source exceptional bath and body-making supplies and ingredients we know can provide our customers with the consistently high level of quality they expect and deserve. We listen to you, our customers, and adjust our product line if/when necessary to be sure we always provide you with the best selection possible.

Together, with our goal of providing our fellow soapmakers with products that live up to our expectations, we also strive to provide those products at the lowest prices possible without sacrificing quality.

As a company run by animal lovers, we have always made sure that our supplies and ingredients are derived only from cruelty-free, vegan (when able) sources. That way we at Elements and you, as customers, can be rest assured that none of our products are ever tested on animals.

We care for our planet and know you do too. Through strenuous efforts we continuously strive to decrease our environmental footprint. Some of the ways we have achieved this goal are through reducing and recycling all the packaging that we can, completely refitting our warehouse to reduce energy consumption, choosing more eco-friendly packaging and encouraging our staff to do everything possible to “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

We choose “Made in the USA” products and supplies whenever possible. While not all products can be or are manufactured in the USA, we always look to local suppliers first. The goal, when choosing our product line, is to find the perfect balance in quality and price while always keeping our ethics as a company in mind.

On our product pages we are happy to clearly list the important information you desire to help guide your purchase needs and decisions. You easily can spot this helpful information right in each product description, including details like whether a product is organic, vegan, or made in the USA. If you ever need information you can’t easily find, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us to get you the answers you are looking for.

We at Elements Bath and Body are a family. We value our employees and strive to create a positive workplace culture for our whole team. As on-the-ground owners, we are able to lead by example and offer a hands-on, supportive and encouraging experience to our employees. By being sure to fairly compensate our team members and being available to support them, we know that your order will be filled with care.

We love to encourage all soapmakers and bath & body product crafters! When we were just getting started making our first bars of soap it was both overwhelming and exciting. One of our biggest passions as a company is to support all soapmakers no matter their level of expertise. In order to help nurture this craft, we put an immense amount of effort and love into sharing tutorials and tips with our customers and the bath & body world in our Learning Center.

Last but not least, what drives us the most at Elements Bath and Body is our passion for what we do and the soapmaking community as a whole. We are so grateful every day for the ability to provide our customers with the tools that they need to excel at their craft.

We at Elements Bath and Body know that you have a lot of companies to choose from when shopping for soap making and toiletry supplies. Whether making products for friends & family or supplying large wholesale accounts, we greatly appreciate your business and value you as our customer. We are committed to providing you with high quality products, excellent customer service, fast shipping & reasonable prices.

We thank you for shopping with us!