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Waterproof Inkjet Labels

Waterproof/Weatherproof Vinyl Labels for INKJET printers! Whether you're wanting durable labels for bath & body products (body sprays, lotions, gels, scrubs, soaps, lip balm, etc or products that will be going in a shower or bathtub), candles, bumper stickers, water bottles or anything that is going to be exposed to water, rain, or wet conditions, you NEED these permanent adhesive labels. These are the labels we use at Elements Bath and Body for all of our fragrances, essential oils, butters, carrier oils and bases and they do not smear when exposed directly to these ingredients (which is amazing, especially for fragrances and essential oils). Our bright white matte self-adhesive labels are made of a durable 50 lb. specially coated vinyl face sheet with a 50 lb. liner. Simply print as normal & you can create inexpensive, quality waterproof labels from your inkjet printer! After printing and allowing the ink to set, soaking the label in water or rubbing with a wet hand will not cause the ink to run, smear or bleed. You might ask how an inkjet media can be waterproof if the ink itself is water-soluble? The concept is similar to what happens if you spill fruit juice on white cotton fabric, such as a T-shirt. The dye molecules get trapped in the cotton fibers and cannot be removed easily. The special matte topcoat provides rapid absorption, causing the ink to encapsulate upon printing. The thick vinyl gives an extra strength & durability that makes them nearly impossible to rip or tear. Customers also love how well these adhere to just about anything (make sure surface is clean & oil-free).
Minimum application temperature 35F. Once applied, labels can withstand wet conditions, as well as temperatures ranging from -20F to 220F.

Compatible with most inkjet printers, but compatibility testing with your printer is always recommended. No special ink required.


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