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Vanilla Sandalwood Fragrance

Vanilla Sandalwood Fragrance
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Perfect blend! Not too much of the fresh vanilla bean and not too much of the heavy sandalwood. Just a wonderful general scent for lovers of both fragrances. Great unisex scent and superb in soy, soap and bath/body.
SOY: Great
CP SOAP: Yes. Very slight trace acceleration, not enough to be a problem. Discolors to dark brown, very nice scent.
Oil Color: Slight tint
Flash Point > 200
Phthalate Free
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: gina
    love, love, love this! some say it is a bit sweet for their taste, but it smells delicious! strong in soy.
  • Author: Gloria V.
    When I first opened the bottle I SWEAR I wondered what animal "pizzed" in it.
    I made the soy candles and fell in love! Will be ordering more of this !
    Elements BB: Thanks for your review, Gloria. Yes, we recommend testing in finished product for this exact reason. Fragrances often smell dramatically different out of the bottle vs in finished product. So glad to hear you love it!
  • Author: Lauren H.
    Wow, I adore this one! Soaped an all veggie recipe cool with coconut milk and had all the time in the world for a swirl. No acceleration for me, mild discoloration, and stuck like glue at 1oz PPO. Overall, I am very pleased with it.
  • Author: Carolyn
    This one smells wonderful from the first time you crack the bottle till your soap is done cooling. My daughters were fighting over who got the left over soap chunks for their bath-time tonight. I generally love Vanilla and the Sandalwood was not overpowering... this one is a great unisex option. My hubby usually doesn't like the girlie smells in the bathroom... This one didn't bother him at all!
  • Author: Patricia W.
    I usually use essential oils since so many fragrance oils burn my nose or smell so artificial and chemical. Right out of the bottle, this one is addicting, kept going back to sniff again and again while making soap. A keeper! This is on of the three EB&B fragrances that will become a staple for us.
  • Author: Lyn
    Very sweet and pretty scent.
  • Author: nancy
    My customers are loving this in my MP soap. I tried a Sandalwood Vanilla from another supplier but like this one much better.
  • Author: Taleda - Bliss Body & Bath
    My absolute Favorite of any Vanilla and any Sandalwood. I've ordered 16oz so many times and use it to make everything, blends fabulously with other FOs & EOs. Back for TWO 16oz this time! Please never discontinue this!
  • Author: Beth C.
    Love this and I know my customers will really love this in my cp soap thank you for making nice, strong fragrance oils!
  • Author: Taleda ~ Bliss Body & Bath
    I don't know how many times I've purchased the 16oz, usually 2 or 3 at a time ... I use it alone and in nearly all my blends. It is very special, the only fragrance I personally wear all the time now. Please never stop selling this one!
  • Author: Lisa Sanders
    Great unisex fragrance! Just the right blend of vanilla and sandalwood. Customers love it! I will be keeping this one in stock for sure!
  • Author: Rhonda
    my favorite vanilla sandalwood out there. strong in soy with cure time, makes beautiful soaps, men love this just as much as the ladies.

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