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Sweetgrass Fragrance

Sweetgrass Fragrance
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Sweetgrass fragrance oil is a fresh, clean unisex scent with the perfect green notes. Not "perfume-y" & absolutely fabulous OOB. It's like standing in a field of grass (but not that sharp green lawn grass). This is as close to a true native sweetgrass that I've smelled.
BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes.1.33% for most rinse-off products such as shampoo, face cleansers, scrubs, etc. and leave-on products such as lotions, etc.
SOY WAX: Yes. 7% in candles yielded normal cold & hot throw after 48 hour cure. 10% in tarts yielded normal cold & hot throw throw after 24 hours.
MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes. Max usage 1.33%
CP SOAP: Yes. Max usage 1.33%
Flash Point > 200 F

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Renee
    This is LOVELY in CP soap! Smells great!
  • Author: Laura
    It does have a slight grassy undertone, and its VERY sweet. Nice in M&P soap. :)
  • Author: Zaida Zuraek Bridgford
    I tried this is M&P and it is very close to native sweet grass and I know what sweet grass smells like (my husband's family sends us some every year from the reservation in North Dakota). Sweet grass is very fragrant and clean smelling. I can' wait to try it in CP!
  • Author: Meg
    I agree, a nice grass under tone, but the first fragrance I had noticed was the sweet one.
  • Author: Vera L Woodard Mack
    I received my sweetgrass its a great smell will buy again, smells great in CP and body lotions.
  • Author: Beth
    This is the best 'grass' scent I've found. The touch of sweetness really makes it appealing. This sells well for me at craft shows. People are skeptical until they sniff it, then they buy. It smells very much like the prairies of the great plains, or what is left of them! Mix this with peppermint for a fun fragrance for horse people!
  • Author: Rae
    I have to say being Native and being around sweet grass always, I was skeptical. I made my lotion and said ok, lets have a test. I had family and friends smell some braided sweet grass, then my lotion. Success! Buying More. Love the sweetness and clean smell! Buying more!
  • Author: Janel Moore
    Used this in HP soap class smells fantastic, buying a bottle for myself.
  • Author: Tammy Palmer
    I love this scent! I wasn't sure it would really smell like sweetgrass, so I only ordered 1 oz. I'm back for a bigger bottle.
    You guys are amazing!

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