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Sparkling Green Tea Fragrance

Sparkling Green Tea Fragrance
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The freshest Oolong green tea leaves are grown in the Tung Ting Mountains, where the altitude is over 6000 feet & the air is clean & crisp. This is a highly aromatic tea with a slight floral scent and a splash of champagne for sparkle. A full bodied, sweet and refreshing oil that leaves an imprint on your soul that is pure heaven with the blossoms of gardenia, neroli, jasmine, amazon violets, roses and blended with orchid petals and lavender buds. This scent is perfect for tea lovers with a "taste" for more expensive, spa types.
SOY WAX: YES... Awesome
CP SOAP: YES. No acceleration, seizing or ricing. No discoloration. Medium-light scent.
HP SOAP: YES. No acceleration, seizing or ricing. Light to no discoloration. Fantastic scent.
DPG Free: Yes
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Content: 0.001%
Flash Point > 200

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: gina
    this is the most amazing green tea scent, but it just does not have a good throw in my soy...
  • Author: Cindy
    This one had an awesome scent throw in my soy. I could smell it in every room of the house.
  • Author: Lyn
    I am loving this fragrance, made it up in Ecosoy advanced and the scent throw is fantastic....................Will have to have more of this one!!!!!!!
  • Author: Kathy
    Made CPOP soap, WONDERFUL! Smells clean and so soft and nice...1 oz per lb, wonderfully strong but not TOO strong....LOVE IT! I think will be for either man or woman.
  • Author: Liz
    I made MP goats milk soap with this today & my house smells AMAZING!! Can't wait to try it in soy candles.
  • Author: Danni
    I got this as a sample and love it. I used it in HP soap and it's nice and strong but not overpowering. It's really a different scent. Very nice.
  • Author: Dawn Johnson
    I received a small sample bottle of this scent and it is OUTSTANDING. I made a small amount of linen spray and fell in love with the fragrance. It's so fresh and clean. I just love it!
  • Author: yomehirys
    I got this as a sample with my previews order and i felt in love. I love it so much that i'm ordering for my new collection ,soap,lotion, and body spray .
  • Author: Vitariz
    Love it! Thank you for the sample, i used with your refreshener sample you sent me. Definitly i will going to try it in my cold process soap.
  • Author: Debbie Zecchini
    Received a sample of this fragrance with my order and was really surprised that i really liked it and will be ordering some soon.
  • Author: Kellie
    Received this as a free sample, it smells amazing. Very impressed!
  • Author: Tiffani Walker
    This smells very fresh, while being slightly fruity and floral. I'm not usually partial to floral-y scents, but this one is very nice and soothing.
  • Author: Beth
    One of my best-selling fragrances for CP soap. It sticks beautifully even after several months, and is a breeze to soap. I use at .8 oz. PPO.
  • Author: ncfox527
    One of my favorites which has quickly become a customer favorite as well. I'm adding this to my summer/spring line for soaps, lotion, bath salt, and body spray. It is a very "clean" smell that makes you feel HAPPY! :)
  • Author: Arianna
    I got this FO as a free sample & it's now 1 of my favorites! I'm ordering more so I can have a matching lotion for my green tea soap!
  • Author: Tanya Chappell
    Love this one! Soaps like a dream in my CP - no discolouration, although it does accelerate somewhat with a 33% lye solution (use full water if you are a beginner soaper). I soap this at 5% of my oil weight - approx. 0.8oz ppo for a light to medium scent. My customers love this one :)
  • Author: Lori P.
    I used 1 oz. per pound as Kathy reccommends abouve (thank you Kathy!), this was perfect! 10 lbs. of oils/water/lye and 10 oz. Sparkling Green Tea - Perfect! Such a nice fresh scent. Not clean like linen but mor like a spring morning.
  • Author: Amber
    A few years back, I was on a total "tea kick". Literally obsessed with tea-based FO's, if I came across a new one, I'd buy it without question! There was only one problem... For some reason, tea-scented soaps just don't sell well in my area, so I was left with an insane amount of bars, which admittedly, all smelled pretty much the same. I got COMPLETELY burnt out on the scent, and after using up & gifting all the soaps I had left, I avoided tea fragrances like the plague! That is, until I found THIS one! I was hesitant to try it, but I wanted to find a really good tea scent to go with the tea theme of a project. Let me just say that this FO has completely restored my faith in tea fragrances! It's undoubtedly fresh-brewed tea leaves, but gorgeously unique from any other tea-based scent I've smelled!! When the name says "sparkling", they really mean it!! The scent is fresh, crisp and uplifting, and truly DOES have a sparkling element to it! I added it to Element's Botanical Facial Cleanser at the lowest recommended usage rate, but it's absolutely PERFECT! The aroma comes through very nicely, adding a beautiful pick-me-up! While I still avoid most tea-based FO's, this one has become my happy exception! Even better is the response I've received from others... So far, customers who previously turned their noses up have loved this scent too!
  • Author: Soap_Circles
    Really beautiful fragrance in CP soap. The scent in the bottle smells just like champagne mixed with green tea, but after a month of curing in the soap itself, it smells like green tea mixed with the ocean and a touch of champagne. It smells really clean with a touch of sweetness, and is a great unisex fragrance. It is a lighter scent though, and it does fade after 4 weeks of cure, so next time I use this fragrance oil, I'll factor that into my fragrance oil calculations, and go closer to 1 oz/lb. It behaves beautifully with no ricing, discoloration, or acceleration. Definitely coming back to buy a big bottle of this for next time!

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