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Soapmaking Supplies

About our soapmaking supplies *

Interested in making your own soap? We offer high quality soapmaking supplies to help you get started and begin to explore your curiosity. With a variety of fragrances and natural ingredients you can mix and match to create virtually any soap to fit your needs. Our toiletry ingredients will allow you to have the freedom to experiment and find out which combination you like the best. If you are tired of always buying specific soaps at the market, then take a little time and creativity and make your own with our great soapmaking supplies. We have everything you need to make quality, customized toiletry products. Plus, it is a great way to make the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.

Polyethylene disposable pipettes

If you are tired of making a mess every time you try to transfer fragrance oils or any other oil, get some of our polyethylene disposable pipettes. These are the perfect solution to the hassle of dealing with all of your liquid substances like essential oils. Use these in a variety of ways - not just for your toiletry making passion. These pipettes are easy to use and accurately measure just the amount you need for your creative project. In addition, they are disposable which lessens the mess and lets you say goodbye to measuring with spoons and spilling. The days of worrying about cross contamination and spillage are gone with these quality polyethylene disposable pipettes. *Note: make sure you thoroughly understand the correct usage of any herbs or oils you are planning to use in your creations.