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Soap Making Supplies

Pure and 100% cruelty-free soap making supplies

If you love making soap, come to us for the herbs you need. Herbs have been treasured through the centuries for their properties and people still enjoy them today. We sell many different varieties of top-quality herbs: they make superior soap making supplies. Following is a list of some of the herbs we carry and a few of the reasons that particular herb is valued (note this is not complete and you must understand thoroughly any ingredients you use):
  • Calendula - soothe puffy eyes, reduce dry skin, soften skin
  • Chamomile - soothing and anti-inflammatory
  • Lavender - relaxing, relieves headaches and nervous tension
  • Peppermint - alleviates nausea, stimulates brain
  • Rose - romance, remedy against PMS, nurtures spirit
This list can give you an idea of how great these herbs are. (Again, the above list and the information on our product pages are just a small sampling of what we offer and what these herbs are noted for - if you are not an herbalist, please seek advice before use.) For more information and pricing, please visit each product page. You will find great pricing and bulk discounts available on these pure herbs that make great soap making supplies.