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Alien Invader Embeds (4 pc)

These little Alien Invader Embeds are out of this world for embedding in Melt & Pour Soap! They are the friendliest little aliens you'll ever come across & super easy to work with.
To add embeds to a mold, pour a layer of our...Read more

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Goldfish Embeds (6 pc)

Vibrant Goldfish are absolutely adorable for adding a "splash" of color to our Super Clear Melt & Pour Embeddable Soap Base. These vinyl goldfish...Read more

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Melt and Pour Soap Base: Super Clear Embeddable
Bath & Body Safe M&P Soap
Our Super Clear Embeddable Melt and Pour Soap Base is ideal for embeds such as toys, pictures, etc. Superior clarity is the goal and we've achieved that with the purest, most environmentally friendly, cruelty free, natural, vegetable-derived...Read more
Alcohol Free Cruelty Free Non GMO Paraben Free Phthalate Free Soy Free Sulfate Free Vegan
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