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Shampoo & Body Wash Base

Shampoo & Body Wash Base
Price: $29.00
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Our super clear, unscented Shampoo & Body Wash base offers superior quality with the most natural available ingredients. It provides an excellent lather and contains no unnecessary chemicals. Gentle on the skin with incredibly natural cleaning abilities. Use unscented (as-is) or add your own Fragrance or Essential Oils at a ratio up to 3%. Super easy to create your own shampoo!
Shelf life: 2 years
pH = 7.0
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free ~ No Animal Testing
No Animal Products
No Detergents
No Sodium Sulfates (SLS)
No Alcohol
Gluten Free
Ingredients: Purified Water, Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate (for lather), Cocamide MEA (coconut derived foaming & emulsifying agent)
* Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate is used for lather. It is milder than sodium lauryl sulfate & best for fine or dry hair

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Mindy
    I absolutely love this product! It lathers and cleanses well without aggrevating my allergies. The smell can be a little strong when you first open it, but leaving the lid off for a day or two remedies this. I use this in combination with refined coconut oil (I'm allergic to all other hair conditioners) and my hair has never been in better shape!
  • Author: Linda
    What a great product! Since the pH is 7 I can make people and dog shampoo as well. I am very happy with the product.
  • Author: Pat
    I absolutely love this product! I added jojoba oil and EO and after the first use my hair was 100% changed!! Love,Love,Love it. You have a customer for life now.
  • Author: Susan
    Love this shampoo, I've been looking for a good shampoo for some time and this is the best.
  • Author: Jennifer
    Love this! I add a few oils to it along with fragrance oils.
  • Author: Jen M.
    This shampoo base is absolutely amazing. I use it myself and also sell it. I use a little bit of humectant and some fragrance oils, and voila! It leaves hair super shiny and soft, and that's not just my opinion - I have heard this NUMEROUS times from my customers! :)
  • Author: Sue
    I love this shampoo!! My hair feels so much softer now and my hair loss has greatly slowed down. I'm never using any other shampoo!
  • Author: Jennifer Gammons
    Love this! I add a few pure oils to it and it is perfect!
  • Author: Tracy
    The best shampoo ever!!!
  • Author: Gail Marzak
    This shampoo is amazing! I have fairly long hair and if I don't use a conditioner it's a tangled mess. I didn't even have to use conditioner with this shampoo, the brush went right through it. And the shine and softness is incredible!
  • Author: Tracey
    This base, with some jojoba and avacado oils added and EO's has helped me to create an incredible shampoo that customers rave about. They notice a difference the FIRST TIME using it and that keeps them coming back for more. I put this recipe on the back burner and went on to try formulating the same wonderful shampoo using sulfate-free formulas out there and have all but given up on those. They separate or often have a "snotty" texture and do not accept additives as easily as this. I am back to marketing this as the signature shampoo for my product line!!! My label states that this contains TLS (milder than SLS) and also lists a few of the other positive aspects you see in the product description above. Customers love it enough to tell others "you've got to try that shampoo". Softness, shine, many say that it completely changed their hair. Lesson learned for me, when you have a good thing going, keep going with it!!! Thank You for this wonderful product.
  • Author: Kelly Anne
    I've used this product for a few days, and it deserves the praise from other reviews above. It does not aggravate my allergies, and it is gentle on my fine hair.
  • Author: Maria
    I absolutely love this shampoo, it cleans and softens and the shine is like Whoa!! Aside from that, I already know that I'm in love!!
  • Author: LEH
    I wanted to make a substitute for the (rather pricy) SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus shampoo for my boyfriend and myself. I added fractionated coconut oil and some fragrance oil (Satara Sandalwood + L'Occitane Honey dupe) from Elements.

    I believe I added too much fractionated coconut oil, because the mixture turned VERY watery. It still works and foams nicely, but it basically destablized and became a thin texture. I will make a new batch with less FCO, because it's a bit tricky to use as-is, but I LOVE the results. Even with the destablized emulsion, this lathers, is soothing on my scalp (prone to eczema and dandruff) and does a great job of cleansing and conditioning my finicky rough hair. My hair actually feels soft but not oily. Will definitely repurchase!
  • Author: Sarina
    The only supplier with such a wonderful product. I love the short list of ingredients for sensitive skin without all the chemicals! Please do not ever discontinue this product, buyer for life!

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