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Satara Sandalwood Fragrance

Satara Sandalwood Fragrance
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Our Satara Sandalwood is the fragrance oil match for the exotic and seductive Sandalwood essential oil. It's warm, mild, woodsy scent is the perfect scent substitute for the endangered species of tree. For four thousand years Sandalwood has been used as a perfume material. Historically it has been used in ritual to rid bad spirits, to calm people and as an aphrodisiac. This long lasting, sweet perfume is perfect for soaps, lotions, bath powders, shampoo & more.
SOY WAX: Yes. 7% in candles yielded normal cold & hot throw after 48 hour cure. 10% in tarts yielded normal cold & hot throw after 24 hours.
Flash Point > 200

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jackie Alberti
    I am an aromatherapist so I know the smell of real Sandalwood and I can't believe it has been duplicated in a fragrance oil. From the bottle it has a sweeter smell but in soap....incredible. It leaves a scent on your skin that it is dead-on the real thing. I just had to try this fragrance oil because I love Sandalwood but it is endangered and expensive. I have a small stash that I am keeping for myself. Now I can wear the true scent everyday if I want! LOVE IT!
  • Author: Nancy Liedel
    I cried, seriously, when I could not find this at my supplier, then...taDA! It's here. I'm thrilled. The smell is out standing and memorable without being cloying in the least. It's a wonderful fragrance. I CP and make lotions and bubble bars with it. I soap 110 F, and pop in a low oven to force gel after. I'm careful with this one, because it does have a low flashpoint. I'm always happy.
  • Author: Lynda
    This is the strongest sandalwood fragrance I have found. Smells fantastic. Great alone or to mix with other fragrances.
  • Author: Susan Wilkinson
    I made CP soap with this fragrance and made half of the batch vanilla and swirled it .It is FANTASTIC!! Great sandalwood scent !! No discolration ,it soaped beautifully !
  • Author: Kerrie H
    I'm not sure what Sandalwood EO smells like, but this is what I imagine! It is strong, doesn't fade, and sticks to your skin. This is a fabulous fragrance oil!
  • Author: Susan Wilkinson
    with time this one did turn my cp soap brown but it was worth it for the fabulous scent
  • Author: LEH
    This is fantastic- I used it in Element's Shampoo & Body Wash base, and I love how the scent lingers in my hair and on my skin. It's subtle and warm, a very good sandalwood duplication. I mixed it with the Honey L'Occitane dupe and it turned out a bit too sweet, but it's still lovely.
  • Author: Rhonda
    THE best sandalwood fragrance oil out there. No perfume or floral notes. If you work with true sandalwood essential oil, you will appreciate this fragrance oil. Fantastic!
  • Author: Vee's Soap
    I just made CP Soap with Goat's Milk, It behaved very well swirled it with brown...I sell a ton of Sandalwood so I took a chance on this one..Amazing!!! I will be adding this to my line, and buying lots more of it..
  • Author: kayla mitchell
    Used in bath bombs- very strong scent! It smells good, but if using in body products, I would go a little lighter on this. Would be good scent for men or women. Very woodsy.

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