Silicone Spatula 10.875"

Flexible but firm silicone makes this a must-have essential for scraping, stirring and mixing soaps, lotions, scrubs, waxes, balms, etc. The comfortable handle makes it easy to get every last bit from hard to reach corners & edges. All-in-one design prevents residue from getting stuck in nooks and crannies and you can be certain that it's clean. This one is especially nice for bigger batches and HP soap. You'll love having this on hand when formulating but you might find you'll need an extra for the kitchen!

Ergonomic handle
Measures 10.875 x 2.125"
Silicone is heat resistant to 400F
Actual color may vary
Material: BPA-free silicone
Hand wash with warm, soapy water or place in top rack of dishwasher

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Available Sizes:
$3.86$5.51 for 1 Piece