Owls Tray Soap Mold: 8 Bar

Soap mold for cold processed, melt & pour, hot processed soaps, bombs & fizzies, lotion bars, wax, and ceramic crafts.
Molds can tolerate temperatures up to 140F (60C). Above these temperatures, warping may occur.
Soap is easiest to release 12-24 hours after cooling.
Hand wash with warm, soapy water
Material: PVC Plastic
Dimensions: 1.875 x 3.875 x 1.25"
Ounces per bar: approximately 4.35 oz each (2 lb 3 oz total)
Cavity qty: 8 - Tray molds do not produce individual bars. Entire tray will need to be filled, then cut into bars.

Country Of Origin: China



Available Sizes:
$4.09$5.84 for 1 Mold